Mutharika back with a bang: Belgium, UK trip opportunity basket for Malawi

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has described his trip to Brussels in Belgium and Britain a success and full of opportunities after striking crucial deals with various international development partners.

I’m back, Mutharika a alighting from a plane (C) Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika acknowledges cheers from the people on arrival at airport (C)Stanley Makuti

Mutharika confers with Army commander and Police chief on arrival at KIA (C) Stanley Makuti.

Queuing protocol: DPP officials waiting for handshake from Presidenty Mutharika

Speaking on arrival at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe on Monday, Mutharika said among others, Malawi signed a US$185 Million deal (Mk150 Billion) with the European Union (EU) which will help in the implementation of the nutrition and agriculture projects as well as empowering the National Authorization Office in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development.

Apart from signing crucial deals, the Malawi leader also disclosed that the European Bank has promised Malawi financial support for youth empowerment.

“The [two parties] have agreed to start with provision of small loans to the youth for them to be self-reliant by establishing small scale businesses,” Mutharika said.

About his visit to Oxford University, one of the reputable learning institutions in the world, the President said a door has been opened for Malawian colleges to collaborate with this elite university in a number of disciplines including economics.

“An agreement has been reached that Malawian students should also be given a chance to enroll at the university,” he said.

Mutharika has promised to push the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to kick-start the processes with Oxford University as soon as possible.

President Mutharika left the country Monday last week for Brussels Belgium to attend the European Development Day (EDD, which is celebrated every year.

The aim of the EDD is to allow leaders bring out new ideas and share experiences and inspire new partnership and innovative solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

Mutharika was welcomed home by the vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima and his wife, cabinet ministers, senior officials from government and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

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If a primary school pupil goes to the street and says the leader of dogs has failed it is a sign that danger is coming soon. Your brother died like a dog and you too will follow.


APM galuyu wafika kuzabwebwetanso. Tiagalu take tatopa kubwebweta pano wakuluyo agwire yake

mbili ya bakha

kodi tinatani a mw fe, koma donation, koma ngongole , koma bodza, koma etc, zimimba, imvi thooo taonani pali nsonda , ka shoti, cimimba, dazi.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
akadwala azapita ku india.
nde kunali shopping yatho ku mangalandeko, aircargo igwile nchito sopano duty free zoseeeeeeeeeeee. ndikunama??????????????? kwagudwa ma shati, ma suit ena amangoti apita apitaso mpaka kukhala ndi a kasi ku UK . taxpayers money.
abwana athu kucita emulate nkhani ya maphuzilo nanga ku mw kuno???????????? BULLSHIT


Oh really? so wen are you going to stop this barbaric behavior of begging? are you not ashamed to be the only leader with the spirit of begging in the world? poor Malawians they even clamp hands for this .

Richard Soko

Do not listen to nonsense. The EU is under reforms after Brexist and it is a multilateral institution not bilateral institution. APM is lying.

kkkkkkkkk i give up on you people. i wonder if what people want is good enough, really. especially you winston and digo, what is it that you really want? not too long ago you were attacking the president for just sitting not doing enough to attract donors to come back assist Malawi. now he is doing just that, and it seems like it is yet not good enough for you guys. Hahahahahaha i see where the problem is now, it was a mistake to label or call you guys otsutsa boma, mwina akanakutchani othandizira boma bwezi mukubwera ndi ma comment… Read more »
winston msowoya
When I saw men in suits and with ragged personalities and clean-shaven heads, forming a line to welcome their venerated leader,I said to myself,CRY MY BELOVED MALAWI. I could not believe my eyes,I thought they were a starving group lining to get some of their shares.So,Muthalika was overwhelmed to receive handouts from Belgium and the UK,while national resources are kept in the houses of his serviles and tribesmen.Malawians,haven’t we learned from Banda’s era when his Ministers were treated like school-boys? So what would the People of Malawi expect from these empty-headed morons? Seen as they were,could we expect something palpable… Read more »
The pastor

Its really gd idea to give loans to the youth in the country but please make sure that its political based loan but fulfilling ur duty as the father of the nation…..n Mr President please push the vision or ur late brother, Bingu that is the shire-zambezi water way….money was spent there so its high time it come to pass


zachibwana sitifuna. Solve the strke first then za ziiiiiizo za Oxfordozo pambuyo.


Why clap hands for a begging President? Manyazi mulibe a Malawi? Next time let’s choose a President and not a beggar.

A beggar President cannot prosper. His country will not prosper. His people will be boot lickers. No matter how hard his people work, they will not prosper because they incarnate a beggars spirit.

Banja loyamba ndi ngongole ends while angongole ali pakhomo.

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