Mutharika says ‘more measures’ to be imposed for slowing Covid-19 in Malawi

President Peter Mutharika  has said that “more measures”  – expected to be tough – may have to be imposed in an attempt to tackle the coronavirus as the country has recorded its first three cases.

President Mutharika:Not long from today, I will announce more measures to stop the spread of coronavirus

Mutharika said in a televised address to the nation on Thursday.

“Malawi had no cases of the virus. Sadly, we now have three confirmed cases,” Mutharika said.

The grim-faced Mutharika reminded Malawians  of what they can do to help stop the spread.

He said it was absolutely crucial that they follow public health guidance.

“Let me remind all Malawians that coronavirus is preventable and we can save lives if we do the following things among us. One, observe social distancing not less than one metre apart.

“Two, observe proper handwashing with soap for not less than 20 seconds. Three, avoid coughing or sneezing into one’s hands.”

Mutharika said one of the virus patients is a 63-year-old who had recently travelled to India.

“Upon arrival in Malawi, she placed herself in self-quarantine for 14 days but later became symptomatic within the quarantine period,” said Mutharika.

The other two who have tatsted positive to the virus are her relation and her domestic worker.

Mutharika said the government would provide medical care for the three patients and track down their immediate contacts to  prevent the disease spreading as they will be put on quarantine for 14 days.

At the moment, the government’s response is still in that first stage – containing the outbreak- but Mutharika said he will announce new measures.

“Not long from today, in view of the confirmed coronavirus case I will be addressing the nation again to announce more measures to stop the spread of corona virus .

Other people have suggested that curfews and restrictions on movement – as seen in nations like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya – could be needed to control the outbreak.

Mutharika, nonetheless,  called for calm.

“Let us not panic, let us becareful. Together we can win this fight,” he said.

Global coronavirus cases have soared past one million as the pandemic explodes in the US and the death tolls continue to climb , according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

Scientists have said each person with coronavirus infects 2.5 people and that takes about five days. This means, over a period of 30 days, more than 400 people will have been infected as a result of that one person.

If a person halves their social exposure, that first infection leads to only 15 infections after 30 days.

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Hate it or take it but it's a fact

It has been revealed that there is no Corona in Malawi but Muluzi’s strategy to cause panic .

3 years ago

I salute Mutharika and his approach to Covid 19. He is calm and composed. He is not bowing down to pressure. Let’s support our president by following healthy advise.

Citizen Number 1
Citizen Number 1
3 years ago

Mutharika you are very sleepy because people started long time ago that borders should be closed but you just sat phwii! This is what you wanted. Had it been that it was a call for you to step down as president, you could have swiftly applied for an injunction! You are very selfish as you don’t love us Malawians. You have very tight security but this won’t protect and save you from coronavirus!

Cadaver 1
3 years ago

It’s just a virus.

3 years ago

“More measures” can only mean lockdown. This Covid-19 has come at a bad time for people of Malawi, but at a good time for him as it means more days in power as the lockdown will affect the holding of the presidential elections. In this world politics, economies, religion and crisis of whatever nature are interrelated; one has an effect on the other. They influence each other. In times of crisis others will take advantage to benefit. Hopefully this crisis will not plunge our country into a total catastrophe. Fellow citizens stay safe by following health professional instructions such as… Read more »

3 years ago
Reply to  Angoni

A lockdown will certainly appeal to APM in terms of prolonging his tenure at Kamuzu Palace. But he has to think carefully about this since the vast majority of Malawians survive on what they make on a daily basis. What will people eat if they cannot hustle daily? For a poor person the COVID 19 dilemma is ” Do I worry about a virus that MAY kill me or should I worry about starvation which WILL CERTAINLY kill me? Despite his lust for power APM has to consider this critical dilemma. Just consider the hasty decision to force minibuses to… Read more »

3 years ago

??To you our president first of all you did not love us Malawians, what made you so com/fort not to close the boarders. what was your intentions because the other countries with cases are not allowed to gather in groups and you decided to take that as for politics that is not holy, other countries are making people not to pay rents the prices are low now and you instead of doing the same you are doubling up the prices why? then later on you will tell the whole nation to scream to God will not hear your problems remember… Read more »

3 years ago

Make wearing the masks mandatory,whenever going out,it will slow the spread of the virus,its working in some other countries. GOD PROTECT US,GOD BLESS MALAWI

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