North Malawi shows DPP red during demos: ‘Mzuzuians’ turn up en masse

The stunt by Mzuzu Vendors Association (MVA) that they would not participate in the April 27 demonstrations revolving the K4 billion scam flopped as people of Mzuzu turned up in huge numbers to air out their frustrations.

The protestors in Mzuzu claimed that the DPP government has people who specialize in stealing public money

In Mzuzu demonstrations went ahead as planned

Charles Kajoloweka of the Youth and Society (YAS) said Mutharika was busy compensating ‘criminals’ instead of using that money to bail out the country from poverty.

In Mzuzu the protests dressed in red attire, carried placards displaying the many challenges that the Mutharika government is failing to address

Thousands of protesters led by Youth and Society (YAS) executive director, Charles Kajoloweka, punctuated the streets of Mzuzu as they chanted, jeered and sang songs that unleashed their frustrations on the government.

Most songs concentrated on the fact that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) had failed them to address various socio-economic challenges affecting the country.

Mankhwala muvipatala tilije, vyose tikudalira madona! Mukwiba kale CDF, sono mwati mwibeso K4 billion, mwabankhungu imwe timalanenge namwe [We don’t have drugs in hospitals, and we mostly depend on donors to help us. You are already stealing Constituency Development Fund-CDF, and now you want to steal K4 billion, you thieves! We will deal with you!],” they chanted in Chitumbuka.

A walk of just two-kilometres from Katoto Primary School to civic offices took the ‘red sea’ almost two hours, as they made stopovers at each and every institution to make their concerns known.

For instance, at Mzuzu Clock Tower, the protesters sad down, and symbolically cried over government’s handling of the K4 billion payout to Members of Parliament.

In an interview, after the petition was delivered at the Mzuzu Civic Offices where it was received by the city’s CEO Macloud Kadammanja, Kajoloweka described the moment as “our undivided commitment to the accountability struggle.”

He told Nyasa Times: “I’m overwhelmed that Malawians and the people of Mzuzu came to express their displeasure in large numbers. This shows that they are immensely dissatisfied with the happenings in this country.”

Kajoloweka asked the protesters to turn up again if they were asked to participate in a similar cause.

The petition presented concludes by giving Mutharika—presently in the United Kingdom—90 days to work on the ten-point demands, or he would be asked to step down.

 Kajoloweka sais people across the country used Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) as a mouthpiece to deliver their grievances.

“People across the country must understand that we, as CSOs, just came in to help a number of people who have various grievances against some decisions made by government.

“As CSOs, we are happy that we have delivered those grievances to government and we hope attention will be given to them,” he said.

Among the grievances that the CSOs presented to government include the immediate dismissal of Finance and Local Government Ministers, Goodall Gondwe and Kondwani Nankhumwa, respectively, for their roles in the controversial K4 billion allocation to members of parliament.

The demonstrators are demanding the withdrawal of government’s appointment of Rodney Jose as Acting Inspector General of Police for his alleged role in the murder of former University of Malawi student, Robert Chasowa.

They shouted: “A Police, munapha Chasowa, a police, ndinu akupha! Jose zikumukhudza izi! Lero musatiombelenso ngati 20 July, kapena salary yanu imakwana?

[The police killed Chasowa, you are murderers! Jose is involved in this we know. Today don’t even dare to shoot at us just like you did during the July 20 2011 demonstrations. Maybe you are happy with your meagre salaries?]”

As the protesters shouted, some police officers could be seen smiling at the protesters.

A prayer by youth activist Wazamazama Katatu hyped the protest when wcalled Mutharika’s government a failure, and that it has rendered a deaf ear to people’s concerns.

“Dear God, we are gathered here because of this government which does not listen, we have so many problems, that it seems they don’t have any solutions to these challenges. Please help us God as we deliver this petition so that we are answered,” he prayed.

In Rumphi, protestors carried anti-government placards which read: APM Must Step Down, Peter Stop Nepotism, Mulamu Mwakula, Escom + Corruption= Blackouts, DPP Stop Raping DPP, among others.

Anglican priest, Father John Welano, who chaired the demonstrations’ organising committee in the district read the petition and presented it to Rumphi district commissioner (DC) representative Allan Chitete.


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winston msowoya
BRAVO NYANKHOMA!!!!! What Jeffley Wa Jeffley said in Karonga when addressing the people there,shocked the audience and the whole peace loving people of our nation.How could you come to the conclusion that a Northerner would not rule Malawi until JESUS comes back.This remark not only aggravated the Northerners but also,the whole freedom loving people from North-South and East-West.Indeed,it was unbelievable for a Party senior cadre uttering such an obnoxious statement which every brainy Malawian even from the DPP Party itself hashly condemned Jeffley,some Party members also referred to Jeffley as a PROSTITUTE,why then Nyankhoma did not react as she did… Read more »
The Patriot

Well done my fellow Northerners for expressing yourselves the way you did. Imagine, we have a leader who is in the UK while Malawians are demonstrating?
Peter has failed and he needs to rest….he is too old and clueless. He became President by mistake indeed!!


I think Napoleon sakudziwa kuti amalipila msonkho. Dont you know that on everything you buy theres tax? Izi si ndale koma I just want to school Napoleon that every Malawian pay tax and the more you buy the more tax you pay and izi sizikuyendera kuti who is the president, but come any one as president we shall do this ndiye osamati misonkho yake iti?

Minority vote president
Minority vote president

Tensi Mzungu, you are a head less idiot


Chakwera Chakwera Chakwera

Tangoyamba ku Mpoto

Yebo wen Mzuzu and wen mpoto. Mwaoneska kuti DPP ilije chake ku mpoto. MCP boma.
Mpoto for Chakwera.
Pitala olo upange chani na north I bet u will not get votes you need.
Mpoto yose Chakwera Chakwera.

winston msowoya
The fact that people in Mzuzu turned in thousands during the demonstrations,this proves that the people of Mpoto,have reached a point of no return enough is enough you have nothing to loose you have been regarded an outlandish lot in your own country,but still you love your country.It is a fact that with our country engulfed by hateful tribalism against the Northerners due to minority population,still you can emerge a forceful society by winning all the SEATS from the North comes 2019,at times you can win some seats from the South and Central Regions.If you can take all the Seats… Read more »

Your problem you North Malawians is disunity. You are always arguing among yourselves. See you can’t organise a simple conversion. One wonders whether you guys are really educated or just trained office workers who should be told what to do and how to do it by policy makers. You make very good managers and senior managers in companies and government offices but organise something. It’s an embarrassing ZERO.

Winston, I have always respected and agreed with your views, but I am not on your side on this comment. (1) I am a woman who hates men labelling any woman “prostitute ” . Yes, Grezela Jeffrey has a foul mouth, but she is a mother and sister of some man. Calling her prostitute without concrete proof she sells sex is not fair and that labelling should not come from you Winston. Are there no men in these political parties with worse dirty mouths? (2) can you point at anyone in MCP today who had participated in terminating lives of… Read more »

Mtambo , Trapence and his fellow CEO’s have been paid for today including allowance. What has others Just being used for nothing. If MBCis trash why not watch and listen to other TV and radio stations. After all much in city use Multichoiceto watch TV , don’t pay MBC any money.Some of the demos don’t pay tax and which taxi are you talking. All you can cry is MBC not good roads, schools and hospitals. Heheheh, koma amalawi kubwabwana zedi


You are stupid


are u not a malawian?


Blantyre inapepela.Shame on you.Ntchito kupempha tikabwera ntauni mwanumo.Musamatipemphenso mesa zanu zikuyenda.Simukumva Kuwawa.


Hahaha mpaka kupanga resign? nkhani yake iti? Musiyeni amalize term yake. Timuvotelanso chaka cha mawa. Zanu izo mukhalira kuyenda ma Demon – stration anuwo.

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