‘Ntopwa 1′ not wanted man: Police say no arrest for DPP roughneck

Malawi Police has said it  will not make an immediate arrest to Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) roughneck Isaac Jomo Osman aliaa ‘Ntopwa1’  who harrassed an opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Fadwick Mukhiwa for wearing the party regalia.

Jomo Osman attack MCP supporter

The incident was also caught on camera with an amateur video circulating on social media widely.

The victim, 32-year-old Mukhiwa originally from Mandula village in Mulanje was attacked in Limbe Market where he trades his business of selling phone accessories.

Southern Region Police Publicist Ramsy Mshani said in an interview with Nyasa Times that  Police cannot make an arrest based on social media evidence.

“We cannot make arrest based on social media,” said Mshani.

MCP publicity secretary Rev Maurice Munthali said “ Malawians have known DPP as a party that enjoys terrorism and social disorder” and that police allows that impunity to go on.

Osman, is known to be the owner of Ntopwa Super Eagles, can be seen in the video removing the party regalia from the victim while telling him not to wear that again “usadzavalenso”.

He then went on to continue assaulting the victim by wrapping the party colours shirt around his head and swinging him around while telling the victim not to wear that again.

Malawi being a democratic country means people have the right to wear whatever they want and associate with any political party without intimidation from anybody .

Rev. Munthali highlighted that “Every citizen in this country must be allowed to exercise their freedom of choice, association and expression as provided for in our Republican Constitution.

“Nobody should stand in the way of such a provision in whatever manner, let alone by way of harassment. I am calling upon all members of MCP not be scared.”

MCP urged the  Malawi Police Service to exercise their powers and apprehend the culprit so that the law must take its course.

There has been a number of incidents recently where the ruling DPP cadets have been accused of using violence to intimidate opposition members .

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Yalakwa apa police. Kuli konse ngakhale ku America social media ndi evidence ndithu. Anthu achikuda amaphedwa ndi apolisi ku States evidence yake social media. Interpol investigations za terrorism ya isis evidence yake social media. Azimayi kukozelana mkamwa ku area 24 evidence yake social media. Inunkhe lero social media chifukwa yajambula mtopwa 1. Musachulutse mantha, gwirani ntchito yanu kamumangeni. Osaopa che Mchacha




Sorry comrades citizens all three new IGs are very sick ,The have been tested to be HIV +++++++++ extra +,so no wonder their mentality is that way.

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

police can not arrest this fat pig, which cell are they going to put him.? There no cells for pigs in Malawi. Chimimba uko, munthu opanda nzeru.. His acts being endorsed by Mutharika himself, so you should know what a nutty professor he is.


DPP ndiyofoila, nthawi yawo yatha. Imagine Mchacha abusing Patricia Kaliati while the President is listening. If there was any form of leadership in DPP what Mchacha said would have been condemned right away. But the big man is busy sleeping on the job.


Useless police….


Police u are so stupid. Why did u arrest Kabwira, Chakhwantha and friends based on WhatsApp evidence? Why those Area 24 ladies were arrested based on social media evidence also? Why shielding these thugs? This is the reason why Jose will not be confirmed to be the IG.


a police ndinu zitsiru. nanga bwa jessy kabwila munamumanga coz of social media circulations. Ramsy Mshani ndiwe chitsiru chachitumbuka

Mwinithengo Azidya Papakulu
Mwinithengo Azidya Papakulu

DIPWIPWI WE SEE YOU AND WE KNOW YOU.YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.Ana amulungu sangale kulira masiku onse amoyo wawo.#Mabalayomweija.

Girl Lady

Ng’oma ikalila kwambiri sichedwa kung’ambika soon mudzava za awa adzafa ifa yowawa awa rumours said ndiomwe anapha mwana uja wa school and mene imaonekela video’yo amaphadi awa ndithuuu and adakaphaso apa… pano muli pa 39 next ndi 40 tikukuonanituuuu…. Chilima tiomboleeeeee Njoka sitiwetadi ndithu

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