‘Odya Zake Alibe Mlandu’ movement set to turn into political party

What started as a social movement in the southern district of Malawi has grown so fast that people are now interested to see it turned into a fully fledged political party.

Usi: God’s time will tell

Some months ago, the social media was awash with stories of “Odya zake Alibe mlandu” movement which is reportedly established by  a renowned comedian Dr Michael Usi, who is also know as Manganya in the entertainment circle.

Nyasa Times understands that  in all the four political regions in the country shows that the socio-economic movement has spread across the country with some of the members calling it to be registered into a political party.

“At first we embraced it as a social movement aimed at bringing Malawians together in economic activities but looking at the current political trends I would want it to be a registered political party as it has some ideologies that can uplift the lives of poor citizens,” said 36 year old Joseph Saiden who comes from Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo.

Saiden, who confessed that he has never been a member of any political party before, said the mushrooming of “Odya Zake alibe mlandu” movement has brought about hope for the hopeless.

“You see,” said Saiden, ” we are a people who are always lied upon by the so called politicians we have currently. We are always told that once we vote them into power things will be okay as we will be provided almost everything in our lives. At the end of the day what we see is a country full of beggers for their needs and wants. We want a change to that, and this movement is that change.”

Among other things, Saiden said that by the name of the movement, people are instilled with the passion to work hard and not reap where they did not sow.

He cited the massive looting in the government by politicians as an example of having bad leadership.

Concurring with Saiden, Harry Mikuwa said for the country to develop, there is need to have new blood in leadership.

“We have political parties which at one time had a common house they all called home. That’s why you see a lot of political prostitution in the country not for the benefit of the country but for their own benefit, we need to change that,” said Mikuwa who hails from TA Chimaliro in Thyolo.

Unlike Saiden, Mikuwa is a long time Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member and has been a frequent progovernment political commentator on Malawi Broadcasting Corporations (MBC) Television and was once Civil Society Forum for Democracy and Development (CFDD) National Chairman.

“The current leadership and oposition parties have nothing to offer to Malawians other than looting a little something that we have already. All we need is a complete overhaul, change is what we need and the philosophy of Odya Zake alibe mlandu movement fits well in this,” he said.

Two senior leaders who opted for anonymity, one from the United Democratic Front (UDF) and another one from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) concurred with the notion.

In all the interviews, all those involved indicated that they are just waiting for the movement leadership for a way forward.

“Discussios are there within the movement, people are contributing a lot so at present we are just waiting for the leadership to give is directions. But in as far as we are concerned, people are already charged for a challenge ahead if we are.registered as a political party,” said Mikuwa.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Dr Usi confirmed the reports.

“I have read what people are saying. A lot of people are coming to tell me about turning the movement into a political party but I always tell them that everything has its time.

” People should not think that its too late, what they have to know is that God’s time is always the best,” he said.

Recently, the movement unveiled its new cloth for which has a face of Dr Usi also popularly known as Manganya in the comedy circle.

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a manganya mukungolubwalubwa mulimba inu

Peloma Pepe

‘Odya Zake Alibe Mlandu’ = OZAM kikikikikikikii

When Manganya did not involve himself in any political party the whole opposition respected him and said he is a true activist. Now that he has entered the political arena it means he wants the seat which Chakwera wants. The same seat which Atupele is vying for. The seat which even Chihana and Mwenefumbo are looking for. It is people from the mentioned opposition parties who gave him mangolomera to go deeper lambasting government. Manganya did not know that these people have their party identities and they just wanted him to fight their battle. Now that he has come out… Read more »
Odya Zake Alibe Mlandu, please just focus on what you are currently doing. Mobilise and educate the youth to vote appropriately come 2019. There are just too many parties registered with MEC for your movement to have any impact at all. As of now only a handful of voting population will register and vote in the 2019 tripartite election largely because theres is voter apathy amongst youth who make up 75% of the voting population. Malawi may end up with only 1 million people voting at that will be the saddest chapter in the country. help MEC to mobilise the… Read more »

I salute you man DzukaniAmalawi. Your consistency in your arguments looks mature. How i wish you came out i the open. Your analysis may be true. Voter apathy coz even the opposition which is too reactive has nothing to offer. Look at the type of catch joining MCP. The hype that was there thinking MCP and Laza can make it is fast fading. Leaving DPP which is full of mature strategists having an upper hand. Nanga a Manga, a Kumkuyu angatithandize chani?

It is better to wear a mask than revealing my real name. It’s human to judge arguments based on who’s making it. I just would like to awaken the senses of fellow Malawians to start thinking differently. We have had so called independence since 1964; but the country is in a worse state today than it was in the 70’s and 80’s, which means a number of things aren’t working; key to this is the lack of visionary leadership and greed. For some strange reason we keep putting into power same people hoping for different results. The only way out… Read more »

Chakula ndi dyera a Malawi. Every Jim and Jack wants to be president. How big is Malawi for us to have a swarm kapena ndinene kuti chikhamu cha ma political parties? Osangolowa a party which you feel share the same ideologies with you? Basi anthu kundifunsa nziti ndine wa chipani cha odya zake alibe mlandu kkkkkk it sounds very childish! Amalawi tiyeni tisiye dyera, ka population kathu kochepa, kadziko kochepa koma zipani mbweeeee what for?

Che Matera

nde mwati odya zake alibe mlandu??

Extra Point

Dr Usi, keep entertaining us. Proud of you man. Your jokes and comedies are so excellent . This one is top of all


So we should one day in Malawi have a president in the name of Michael Usi. Paja amati zikatha Mende amanona ndi Swiswiri.

Biti John

Another bullshit
How many political parties are there in Malawi?
Total crap

Defender of Faith

Tangobwerani poyera musamangozungulira-zungulira ,Kulubwalubwa, kizipakapaka, kuzinyerera, kuzikozera, kusokosera, kuzinyenga ndi chara


Koma macheza pa malawi. Choncho DPP mungaithe?

Man inenso tsono ndazindikira kuti DPP pa ndale ilibe saizi muno mMalawi. Muone mmene enawa akudoderana okhaokha DPP ili pheeee nkumangonera. DPPtu imamenya ndale zonyansa zedi ndipo enawa sanati, akuchepera. Kenako muwaona real campaign ikayambika mmene amvere mbebe ndi heat. No wonder opposition yayetsetsa kuberekedwa ndi ma CSOs, a ma tchalichi koma DPP ili gwaaaaa. Ena ndi awa ati azidzayenda pa 27 April. For how long have Malawians been fooled. Mudzaona zitadzachitike at the 11th hour wina umphawi wake utachepetsedwa. Even ngakhale adzayenda you will see no substantive outcome. DPP ailephera zaka zonsezi pano chisankho next year ndiye wina kuti… Read more »

Kkkkkkkkkk DPP ili gwa? R u serious mlomwe? Peter’s asslicker? DPP inagwedezeka nkugwa ndi by elections uziti ili gwa? Hahahahahaha what a joker….joker of the century. DPP ikukhetsa thukutayi because of Mia? Are you in Malawi or you are just too engulfed in the ass you can’t see?

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