Opposition leader’s speech prompts outrage: Malawi Watch censure Chakwera for calling President Mutharika ‘Prince of Thieves’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera—who is also leader of opposition in Parliament— speech in the House on Monday, in which he branded President Peter Mutharika  as “a Prince of Thieves” presiding over the most corrupt administration in recent history, has prompted a barrage of reactions from several pro-government activists.

Billy Banda:  Chakwera has taken opposition to mean churning out personal slurs

According to Chakwera, President Mutharika “has failed to demonstrate that he is not a Prince of Thieves presiding over a kleptocrcay.”

The government chief whip Henry Mussa protested that Chakwera’s speech was  “full of hate” and containing insults and slurs demeaning the Head of State.

Billy Banda, director of the rights group Malawi Watch, said: “The content, language and tone of his  [Chakwera] statement demonstrate his limited understanding of the role of the opposition. It shows that he believes that the opposition, as the name suggests, is limited to opposing everything or anything the party in power or the government proposes.

“Worse still, it shows that he believes that resorting to personal attacks and uncivilized language are what an opposition is all about. “

Banda, in a statement made available to Nyasa Times, said Chakwera has once again shown his “political immaturity” as characterized by “emotional outbursts and derogatory language.”

Malawi Watch director said his organisation  condemns Chakwera for using “derogatory vilification” of President Mutharika.

Banda said Chakwera “clearly critically short on clues and alternative policies and bitter with his own failures, has taken opposition to mean churning out personal slurs.”

He claims Chakwera is misleading the opposition by using it to advance his personal and selfish interests.

But Geneva-based social-economic commentator Stanley Onjezani Kenani taking it on Facebook argued that a  propaganda line the ruling party has successfully sold to some Malawians is that the Leader of Opposition does not provide solutions in his speeches.

“Does this mean we elected robots incapable of formulating solutions? If you tell me my weakness – say, for example, ‘You drink too much; in the end, you might lose your job,’ – do I need anyone to tell me that the solution is to stop drinking? This line is used to neutralise Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s most powerful speeches, but there is no merit in it,” wrote Kenani, a celebrated writer.

“In his most recent speech, for instance, Chakwera pointed out to the President: Sir, this is what you put in your manifesto but you are not doing what you promised Malawians you would do. Ndiye wina nkudzati [And then someone claims] Chakwera did not provide solutions. Isn’t the ruling party’s manifesto the solution Chakwera is pointing to?” added Kenani.

In his address Chakwera said the Mutharika administration has failed to fulfil the promises made during the 2014 elections campaign trail and in his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) manifesto.

He said the President cannot be trusted because all the promises he made have been broken—from the Electoral Reforms Bill to abolishing of the coupon system for redeeming inputs under the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) and subsidised cement and iron sheets, among others.

Times Group on Tuesday had a phone-in  TimesTalk program on Times TV and Times Radio to discuss Chakwera’s speech and most of the callers welcomed the leader of the oppositions “frank talk.”

Most callers told host of the program Brian Banda that Chakwera depicted the real situation on the ground and his voice revebrated that of the voiceless.

And Daily Times newspaper in an editorial comment said Chakwera offered insights into a presidency that has run of ideas and is “slowly but surely, making a disappearing act.”

It called Mutharika leadership as a “rolling disaster” and that he has displayed “sheer incompetence.”

The editorial comment concluded with a deeper “moral” question to Mutharika’s supporters if they will continue to follow “a standard-earer who has allowed many to suffer untold miseries and fuelled corruption because of his ineptitude?”

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No 1 briefcase organisation in Malawi – Malawi Watch.


Billy you are the most useless person on this universe. kupepera kwako kwafika pa chimake. just shut your pit latrine

Mau a Chakwera a mtudzu sachita manyazi kupya mtima pagulu, has personal political hatrage against APM, is an expired religious leader. APM is too quite on some strong issues that needed his right response. Police is too quite on these issues. Is the police supporting Chikwere or Gvt. Why cann’t the police censor this noisy man. its too much and painful and shamefull, chikwere chikusokosa udyo. Will someone ever be arrested in the future for insulting the president. Kapena chikwere chiri ndi licence yotukwanira pulezident. kodo pulesident waphweka eti? zinazi zanyanya. Kodi chikwere chitati nacho chakhalanso pulezident, chidzalola kutukwanidwa chomcho.… Read more »



Zaumbuli mwalemba apazi mutitayitsanazo nthawi kuwerenga ………….. Munthu akayankhula ku parliament samangana,,,,,,,,,,, he is protected .

Alinafe Phiri

Iweyo Billy Banda ukumunena Chakwera pomwe naweso ukunyozaso Chakwera kuti ndi mbuli and he is immuturity


If you eat with these thieves, just zip up you mouth.
Otherwise you are another well known useless lot, Billy.

The Observer

A Billy kukamwa gwa kuli mbuu ngati mwadya makaka kapena mwina ndi chi banz chija wakuponyera Pitala chija
zamanyazi kwambili kuwona nthumbidwa pa ndale zikulowelera pa nkhani yomvetsa chisoni komanso yofunika changu polongosola ngati imeneyi mukakhuta musamati kunjaku kulibe njala tsiku lina muzadya manyi mchitidwe wake umenewu

Pension Nenereko

so if someone tells you the truth is demeaning YOU. POOR Malawian


chakwera is just bitter for having lost the elections and he has resorted to all forms of insults and personal attacks to vent his frustration for having lost the election. Kulira kumeneku chakwera osadabwa. Ndiye sunati ulilabe


Bodza ilo!! bodza iloooooooooo!! This is one of the best characteristics of useless followers of DPP!!

Akuba okhaokha sangafufuzane wanenetsa Chakwera!! Munkayesa sitinkadziwa……..? The good thing is the truth about it is already known…………………………….!!

“Chidaaaaponda” mavoti chipani cha DPP!!

Leader of opposition in parliament, prove that you are different by disclosing the source of funds you are using to construct the mansion at maula. In the name of transparency please open your mouth to disclose. In the same spirit of being transparent please withdraw all the vehicles, you misappropriated from the party, from your family members back to the party. Please do this if you are indeed different. Please, if people are to take you seriously, bring back the landlords of MCP who were sacked by you, the tenant. In case you have forgotten who these landlords are; they… Read more »

As Chakwera said in his statement, akuba samafufuzana okhaokha, therefore am asking you Hatton kuti ufufuze ndiye ubweretse report, try your best don’t do what your President is doing, hiding thieves in his Government, because here we are doing what your president can not do in this house.


Mlomwe iweeee! kodi uli muyelusalemu mommuno? that issue ya the so called “Mansion” adayankha kale chakwera both in Parliament and to press he said “Go and ask Simbi Phiri of Khatho Civils”



Can you please write something different next time. We are tired of your useless comment on the house of Chakwera.

Chombe tea

Kkkkkk Hatton is useless pig…he just copy from his previous comment and paste it to make a new comment. He will cry a river over the house issue


umbuli wina ndi uwu

concerned one

Billy you are full shit we hate.

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