Police allow Chiefs to invite Zambian witchdoctor ‘Ndodoyani’ to deal with Karonga witches

Malawi Police and traditional leaders in Chilumba the southern part of Karonga have disregarded the Malawi Witchcraft Act that denies the existence of witchcraft in the country and invited a witchdoctor known as Ndodoyani from Zambia to “cleanse the people of witchcraft”.


Group village headman Mponera and Kachaka said a lot of people in the area are sick from mysterious diseases and they cannot deny the existence of witchcraft in their areas.

The power of traditional healers in the area is enormous. People go to them first before medical facilities for the sick.

Mponera has since asked her subjects to contribute food and transportation for the Zambian witchdoctor.

The chief also established a committee of powerful young men within her area to force those accused of being witches to appear before the witchdoctor.

“The witchdoctor will be staying at my house and what I need is food and transportation. Each and every house will be searched. We shall not entertain witches,” she said during a meeting on Sunday.

Police officers and traditional leaders described the Zambian witchdoctor as strong and powerful.

People in Karonga who are being accused of being witches are not helped by the police as they are asked to lodge their complaints to the senior chief saying “police are not handling such cases.”

The Zambian witchdoctor is well known in using his magic walking stick (Ndodo) in Tumbuka language.

However, rights activist Undule Mwakasungula said the area needs God’s intervention.

According to him, if authorities are not careful, conflicts shall erupt in the area.

Witchcraft beliefs run deep in Malawi.

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Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 20:27, Deuteronomy 18:10-12, Jeremiah 27:9-10, Mika 5:12, Galatians 3:1, 1 Samuel 15:23 Witchcraft exists whether 6th century or not. The problem is those who practice will not inherit the Kingdom of God. See Revelation 22:15. HAVE I BECOME YOUR ENEMY FOR TELLING YOU THE TRUTH NOW? Galatians 4:16


Is this 21st century police or stone age police? cry my beloved country!

Christian Beilke

The only witch in this tragic story is the so-called witchdoctor. Any chief allowing such stupidity should be removed immediately. This is why Malawi does not develop.


very useless chiefs, instead of going to Men of God and churches for help, Govt should handle this and stop this nonsense

Zangazanga Ncube

Why disregarding our own laws? Are we becoming a lawless state? Police refusing to guard safely the vulnerable.
We don’t have to be superstitious country at this age. Holding a belief 6th century is sad. Unfortunately, they have suspects who will only be confirmed by the sing’anga as true witches and wizards. It’s not long time ago when we lost innocent souls to anamupopo belief. Chilumba police, this is your core duty of protecting the citizen. We can’t end cholera with this kind of thinking from our village heads.

innocent m\'bama

God interven


And I thought northerners ndi ozindikila. One can expect such stupidity from the illiterate lhomwes, anamapopa, kulowa kufa etc


So long he does not bring cholera


Zoona inviting these demons? Sadzafa iyeyo? Osayitana YESU bwanji? PRAY! Fotseki


Ulendo uno Thindwanso akuwopa kulodzedwa. kkkkkkkkkk.

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