PP supporters escatic on JB’s return as Malawi police fail to execute ‘ghost’ warrant of arrest

Former president Joyce Banda received a tumultious welcome as she returned home Saturday from four-year absence with police failing to execute their much publicised “ghost” warrant of arrest .

Even Malawi Congress Party supporters welcomed JB

PP supporters trooped to the airport to welcome Banda

Never press shy: Banda addressing a news conference on arrival

Thousands of elated supporters clad in orange attire, colours of the Peoples Party, the party she founded, broke a wire fence at Chileka Airport and surrounded the South African Airways plane she boarded.

Donning the Peoples Party attire, Banda smiled and looked jovial as she waved to her supporters before holding a news conference.

“Amani (mother) is here, give us the signal on 2019 electionsthe lights ,” the crowd chanted.

Banda, who led the country from 2012 to 14, was Malawi‘s first female president.

She said the reason she left for the US was to give “space” for her successor to govern, and to do research at a university there.

Banda was vague on whether she would get back to politics, saying she needed to get abreast of the current political trends.

She also claimed she does not know about her warrant of arrest in connection with the K30bn cashgate.

“I have not seen it…nobody has told me about it. I have not been served with the warrant of arrest,” she said.

She was set to address a political rally on Sunday.

Andekunye Chanthunya, Banda’s spokesperson,  said Banda was not concerned about the arrest warrant issued by police.

“Dr Joyce Banda is not afraid or intimidated by their announcement that their warrant of arrest is still valid, because all Cashgate cases were investigated and prosecuted,” said Chanthunya.

James Kaledzera, a police spokesperson, declined to say if Banda would be arrested, though he confirmed a warrant issued last July remained valid.

Earlier this year, the Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau said it had no solid evidence against her.

According to Ajazeera, Wallace Chawawa, a PP legislator, said of Banda’s return: “This will definitely rejuvenate the party … The vacuum has been filled.”


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Koma chingaipe!! The dullest political analyst Malawi has ever produced he should be told not to be biased and harp his lyrics on subjective notes Just a day in politics can transform into a revolution or tranquillity the guy is just naive feed the nation with objective analysis not dismissive tantrum s


“Kodi munthu akaba ndikukugawira ndiye kuti iwe waba nao?” Koma Amai Mpaka magalimoto atsopano 22 kuchokera kwa well wisher, Lutepo?
Muliuza dziko popeza mwabwera. Pajanso munanena Ku Lunzu pa msonkhano wa amai achisilamu kuti mumadziwa yemwe anaombera Mphwiyo. Tithokoze Mulungu kuti mwabwera, muliuza khoti. Takulandirani kuno ku mudzi.


She will claim temporary insanity and that she will plead for a second chance. She will promise a better country than what Malawi and have experienced in the last 4 years. She will claim that she blew the whistle on cashgate in 2012-13 other than that her handlers were caught with their hands in a cookie jar. Come May 2019 some gullible voters will still vote for her and PP

None of the post-independence political parties (MCP, UDF, DPP and PP), have demonstrated any love and care for its people, other self-enrichment of its senior leadership. Malawian people have suffered immensely under the leadership of these post-independence parties/leaders to the extent that the country today is regarded as one of the poorest countries in the whole civilised world. Human Development Index is one of the lowest in the world…..meaning that, we may display some semblance of intelligence, but we are far from being critical thinkers (endowed with with low EQ). We have been social-engineered to be puppets incapable of driving… Read more »

A Joyce,magalasi awo ndi kubisa nkhope.Mai wakuba uyu.

the reasons she made for her absence do not make sense at all. she would come to south africa and still avoid Malawi. one things I dont appreciate in her lies is that she was the first woman president. she never won any elections in Malawi and her face was never on the ballot paper but that of Bingu. She should thank the death of Bingu for a chance at the presidency. By the way she needs to explain to us who shot Mphwiyo because Kasambara has been realesed. she needs to tell us where the plane went. she came… Read more »
Oooh God please Remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of my fellow MALAWIANS so that we can see that BUSHIRI IS the only Answer to the hardships the country is facing otherwise We will regret like never before in human history PLEASE PAC CSOS CHIEFS CHURCH LEADERS INVITE BUSHIRI TO COME AND HELP GOVERN THE COUNTRY AS WAS THE CASE WITH KAMUZU THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOW MAY GOD BLESS OUR LAND

Bushiri can not solve this countries problem let him continue with his fake miracles sorry,,,

watematema mutu

Amayi needs to take time and assess the political situation on the ground. Am told that there is a suprise joker for Amayi from DPP! My advice to amayi is that she should decline whatever DPP plans to discuss with her. Aika mpeni ku mphasa!


If one wasn’t informed better, they would think he was a former MCP president. MCP outnumbered PP.

Kodi kunja kulibe zipatala zokonza move? She still walks like bakha


Kwanu mkwanu, mthengo mudalaka njoka; ndaonera Mai Joyce Banda ndi Chanthunya. Atathawathawa kwa nthawi yaitali siawa abwelera ku mudzi.


Welcome back Mama . This is your home


Magesti mama magesti, , ma blackout atikwana, we have been drinking fecal contaminated water when you were gone , that’s how bad we have been degraded to by DPP. Led government

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