Seventh Day Adventist preacher says women ‘are source of all evil’

There is nothing good you can find in women they are a source of all evil, this is according to a controvesial radio sermon by a Seventh Day Adventist preacher which has caused uproar.

Preacher says ‘nothing good’ in women

Seventh Day Adventist  Chruch preacher  in Rwanda, Nicolas Niyibikora during the broadcast on Amazing Grace radio  said “women are out of God’s favour”, warning “there is nothing good you can find in women”.

“If you’ve read the Bible, who brought the sin into the world?” he asked listeners, adding: “It was not a man.”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the sermon has angered rights groups, with Pro-Femme Twese Hamwe warning such words “can bring hatred and conflicts among Rwandans if nothing is urgently done about it”, according to Rwanda’s New Times.

The Seventh Day Adventists in Rwanda have made efforts to distance themselves from  Niyibikora, who they say was expelled five years ago.

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He is not a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. He has been banned from preaching or teaching as such due to his poor grasp of scripturally accurate teachings.

che nnungu

Is this man of God married? And does he consider his wife evil too?


True. They love money too much to the extent of killing their very husbands. Uhulenso too much these women.


So the preacher was born out of a man? If nothing good can come out of a woman ? He is a big disgrace


It’s actially Adam who sinned because he could have said no when his wife offfered him the fruit. He failed his role and he sinned. Satan is the culprit not an innocent woman. A woman is the best thing we have on earth and that’s why he who finds a wife finds a good thing and finds favour before God. Amen

John Epha

Eve Offered a fruit to Adam whilst naked, we are not told how she stood naked holding that fruit, but as a man I know Adam’s ability to judge was compromised because of Eve’s stance, maybe she was moving her finger on his head whilst naked and holding that fruit we don’t know hence Adam sinned due to pressure and lack of concentration.


Really. Adam had not yet eaten the fruit so he did not know eve was naked. Adams sin was not be living God could work it out about eve. He lost faith in God. Eve was tricked and deceived


If we could have people with a mind set like this of Mpolokwa. the world could have been abetter place. A woman is the source of all happiness, a multiplier of mankind and man’s worth. God blessed a man through a woman. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and finds favor from the Lord”


Thanks Mr Mpolokwa for heating the nail concerning this man’s claims.He is a disgrace in deed and does not deserve a role of teaching to any congregations except in a satanic church.SDA Christians!!! is this man in your church or ????


Iam a man but I think this is a foolish pastor, did he read about some courageous women like Deborah in Bible book of Judges? Is he aware that Jesus appeared to women first after resurrection? Is he aware that Jehovah consideres women that are declaring good news door to door, village to village, town to town using Bible and Bible literatures (like the WT) as his “great army” on Psalms 68:11.


I think not only was the sermon foolish, but it was foolish to not disrupt the broadcast. And likewise it’s foolish of Nyasa times to publish the story.


You have already said the SDA church discommunicated this preacher that means he is no longer SDA preacher “why now still mentioning this church in your news?

Osman Luwani

We Adventists value women highly and we respect them. We believe that God looks at us as equal. That pastor is not for the SDA Church, may be he is from a breakaway SD Church

Jack DN Chipaka

Indeed this not a Seventh Day Adventistpastor and I wonder why he was featured on an SDA tele broadcast

Peloma Pepe

Excellent observation! he’s not an SDA preacher, so it’s really wrong to associate him with the church. He’s a confused preacher.

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