Xenophobia: Why South African’s must attack King Zwelethini

The Malawian government has put aside a staggering K60 million to help bring back our brothers and sisters to the motherland. Xenophobic attacks at the hands of Zulu mobs have force foreign black Africans, and not other races and continentals, either into hiding, killed or maimed, or destitution in camps.Masinga HA  HA HA

With an already struggling economy, coupled by daily revelations of massive fiscal abuses, Malawi is force into this needful expenditure.

All this courtesy of a careless and unbefitting so-called Zulu king, one Goodwill Zwelithini. His pronouncements during a Pongolo community meeting in March 2015 has been translated verbatim and proved by Zulu academics that indeed King Goodwill Zwelithini (Ha ha ha from hereon will prefer to call him Thief Badwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu) as having effectively called for the “extermination of these lice” referring to the foreigners.

Malawians are part of the victimised.

But who is this Thief Badwill? And what is it really that he has done this?

Ha ha ha! has discovered that the true anger by those equally barbaric Zulu gangs should rather be directed at Badwill himself, and not innocent foreigners as he segregatory calls his fellow Africans.

And one has rightfully described the savage South Africans involved in the ‘holocaust’.

“South Africans will kick down a statue of dead white man but wont attempt to slap a live one. Yet they can stone to death a black man simply because he’s a foreigner.”

Note that well thinking influential South Africans and business people have condemned Badwill’s call and the xenophobic attacks.

To them Malawi and Africa says thakn you. But it perhaps might stand important to inform all South Africans that there is a good reason to redirect their anger at none other than Thief Badwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu himself.

To start with, Badwill is the unfortunate king of the Zulu’s in South Africa. He was born on 27th July 1948 at Nongoma. He unfortunately reigns the Zulu nation under the traditional leadership clause of South Africa’s republican constitution.

He became king after the death of his father, Cyprian Bhekuzulu kaSolomon in 1968, but instead Prince Israel Mcwayizenika Solom acted as the regent from 1968 to 1971 while murderous Badwill took refuge in Saint Helena for three years to avoid assassination.

I wonder what would have happened to him had the former Portugues island colony had decided to bar any foreigners from their land.

A bit of background: St. Helena was found by Portuguese unihabited. Later it was located by Englishman Sir. Francis Drake on his final leg of his circumnavigation of the world (1577 – 1580).

The Dutch Republic formally made claim to St. Helena in 1633, although there is no evidence they ever occupied, colonised r fortified it, before by 1651 they abandoned the island nation in favour of their colony at the Cape of Good Hope.

Simply put, Badwill owes it to other nationals for his survival. Calling others ‘lice’ and unleashing the evil face of xenophobia against their lives is double-timing his people.

It was only after his 21st birthday and his first marriage that Zwelithini the Badwill was installed as the 8th mornach of the Zulus at Nongoma on 3rd December 1971.

The other pointers why all South Africans should open their eyed and attack Thief Badwill Zwelithin kaBhekuzulu include:

  1. Badwill has been criticised of buying luxury Mercedez Benz motorcars and other expensive vehicles for his wives when a large percentage of the population in KwaZulu Natal is living in poverty.
  2. In 2006 it emerged the royal household has spent ZAR900,000 (U$D123,500) on luxury vehicles.
  3. In 2008 opposition parties criticised Badwill Zwelithini wives for spending around U$D24,000 on linen, designer clothes and expensive holidays.
  4. In 2012 September, Badwill asked the KZN government for R18m to build new property including a new R6m palace for his youngest wife Queen Mafu and upgrades to first wife Queen MaMchiza’s palace – lavish spending.

The question is, who is denying ordinary Zulu or native South Africans a meaningful share of the economy?

I can see a man who is so greedy and wallows in his own glory. A man whose bevy of 27 children and five wives is giving him more pressure, and his only excuse is to divert South Africans’ attention from is lavish spending to some other quarters.

Zulu’s must realise Badwill is not working in their interest. And there are simple reasons why.

  1. One of his wives, Mantfombi Dlamini, born in 1956, is daughter of Sobhuza II of Swaziland and a sister of Mswati III married in 1973. I can see a foreigner in his own kraal. Will he make her pack her bags and go off to Mbambane?
  2. His son, Prince Misuzulu Zulu born 23rd September 1974 is pursuing a degree in International Studies in Jacksonville,

Florida in the USA. Has he recalled back his son from being a foreigner in Obama’s land, where countless Americans also remain unemployed yet foreigners including South Africans have jobs?

Someone is playing a traitor here and only interested in his own personal aggrandisement.

  1. Would it not have been exemplary in the first place if Badwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu had asked the late former iconic president Nelson Mandela to avoid marrying Graca Machel, who is Mozambican and rumoured to be former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda’s daughter, who is proved to be Malawian?

Why did he not impress on Madiba to ask Graca to pack her bags and extend her trip out to Maputo through Zambia’s Lusaka back to her roots in Nkhata-Bay?

  1. And oh, yes. Is Mugabe’s wife not South African? How does His Excellency Sir Badwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu want us to deal with this issue?

Badwill is known for all the mischief South Africans must not be proud of. I recall his trying to fight Bhuthelezi off the premiership of the Natal province, and his worthless efforts to disrupt the African National Congress (ANC).

Only south Africans who have no uButhu value and sense of humanity will act like Badwill.

Finally, where are the united voices of the so called African Union, SADC, and again the United Nations? Where is Comesa?

And back home, where are our vibrant rights activists and CSOs? Camping at the South African embassy demanding for an immediate stop at Badwill xebophobia, committed safety of all Malawians and their property must be our brand.

And yes, we are boycotting South African shops and products. It would also be great to ask employees at these chainstores to do a sit in.

Dear South Africans, this is your war against one mad kaBhekuzulu Zwelithini Badwill, coronated 3rd December 1971. Time to take him to task is here. ATTACK THIEF ZWELITHINI!

As for the rest of Africa, we are saying enough is enough!

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Moses Mendy
Moses Mendy
8 years ago

South Africans are just arrogant, shameless and ungrateful. Fortunately for Africa, South Africa is at the bottom tip and easy to cut off. Africa never needed South Africa, it was always the other way round . Since they are crying about jobs,the rest of Africa should boycott all their products and watch their factories close and their economy collapse, and we will see if they will jobs. This is a cowardly nation who have endured horrible crimes under racist white immigrants, but choose “truth and reconciliation”, but choose to direct their hate towards innocent and defenseless african migrants including women… Read more »

8 years ago

Nonsense lazy “Badwill for real” don’t deserve to be a leader!!

Economist from Mosco
Economist from Mosco
8 years ago

Particia, why are you misleading the world on father of Gracar Machel? She is a daughter of late methodist minister who died three weeks before she was born in Gaza province here in Mozambique. I like good analysis in your article but you must dig deeper and always be sure of what you are writting.

Rodriguas Latata
Rodriguas Latata
8 years ago

There is a big knowledge, social economical and political gap in SA. It is clearly evident.
Leadership in other African countries should uphold transparence and accountability in order to curb migration. Create a conducive environmental for businesses and private sector investiment to create jobs. Don’t just be there stealing and conducting shaddy deals.
In Africa leadership is a massive let down.

8 years ago

As for me and my gangsters, we will attack his beloved son here in the US, shoot him a few times in his legs, maim his arms, limbs, break a few bones on him…it shall happen…just to give a lesson to the King.

8 years ago

The higher you go the cooler it becomes.
As the king grows more in terms of years, he starts thinking like a small kid.

sayimoni bayisikolo
sayimoni bayisikolo
8 years ago

I have never known that south Africans have a dull king like Zwelithini.So a foreigner is only blackman in south Africa not some other light skinned races from other countries and add more weight the dull brainless son of the uneducated Zuma was also born in exile in Mbabane Swaziland during the oppressive regime of Apartheid.This senseless killing and torturing of neighbouring should be condemned by the south African govt.The black race should be united.It has been oppressed by the other race for so long and now its their own race.Its time Africans became United.

Jaffar Kabichi
Jaffar Kabichi
8 years ago

“Wakwatira kwa Amphezi saopa kung’anima” Ingolimba mitima abale anga, moyo ndimomwe umayendera. Kwa eni kulibe mkuwe, musunge chimenecho. Komansotu wakufa lero samafa mawa.

8 years ago

One day these blood of innocent lives shall be asked upon their heads and children!

8 years ago

Izi zachitika zatha. I think the task before us is start taking a long hard look at ourselves. Where do we go wrong. When Chikaonda was finance minister our economy perfomed very well. Suddenly Dr Bakili dropped him at his next cabinet reshufle replacing him with Mr Jumbe (who we hear has a case to answer on corruption). Enter Bingu 2005 -2009 our nation became a shinning star a becon of hope. But as if a bewitched nation, all the gains became history, forcing our country into abject poverty. Both situations have proved beyond doubt that with discipline and love… Read more »

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