Zambian chief dies amid DPP terror at Gonapamuhanya

A woman chief from Zambia identified as Nyauthali is  confirmed to have died  when ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  youth cadet  pelted stones and attacked  leaders of opposition political parties that attended Gonapamuhanya, a Tumbuka ceremony at Bolero in Rumphi.

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) president Enock Chihana (in cream suit) runs for his dear life after a stone missed him by a whisker

Two members of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are also reportedly seriously hurt by the DPP terror.

Rumphi District Hospital spokesman Bwanalori Mwamlima confirmed that Nyaunthali , who was part of the Zambian delegation to the event,  had high blod pressure and the political violence worsened her condition.

She was pronounced dead at Bolero Rural Hospital.

Meanwhile, Rumphi  Hospital said it treated two MCP members with life threatening injuries.

Clad in their DPP attire,  the youth cadets targeted leader of opposition in parliament and MCP president Lazarus Chakwera and his security detail as he was getting to Bolero for Gonapamuhanya event.

The opposition leader had to be whisked away from the fracas using another vehicle Tumbuka Paramount Chief, Chikulamayembe sent.

The DPP cadets also manhandled MCP’s chairperson of the North, Kezzie Msukwa.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said the party’s preliminary findings are that these most unfortunate incidences were properly planned and executed by supporters of MCPand their allies.

“We have noted with great concern that the MCP supporters were in possession of some unauthorized dangerous weapons such as pangas, knives and teargas that were put to use during the fracas that ensued, ” said Kasaila.

He said how  the MCP supporters were able to acquire such hazardous weapons and put them to use at a peaceful public event is a question that is bothering every Malawian that loves and promote peace.

“During the Rumphi events, some DPP supporters were mercilessly beaten up by the opposition hooligans and at least one official vehicle of the DPP was heavily smashed by the stone throwing MCP supporters, ” he claimed.

But  Chakwera has accused DPP spokesman  for the statement describing it as provocative.

“It is clear that the DPP leadership has not only adopted a policy of terrorizing the new and peaceful MCP under my leadership, but also a strategy of invoking the history of violence in the old MCP ended by Malawians in 1994 to excuse and justify the culture of violence now entrenched and metastasized in the DPP.

“They believe that Malawians are stupid enough to be deceived by these tactics, but we believe that Malawians across the country are wise enough to see these machinations for the terrorism that they are,” said  Chakwera.

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This man called Kasaila is making me sick with his lies.


Kutsaila All what is happening to the victims may they happen to you and family before you die.


Timanena ife kuti dpp momwe yajoinana ndi udf itengela zero za zikwanje momwe imapangila udf kukhapa anthu. Komanso ngati muli anthu oziwa boza Munoz mmalawi ndi Kutsaila, mtaba, dausi, japie, etc amenewa ndi amenewa anaonongetsa bingu.


DEPECO welcome to northern region we need areader who fear God welcome a gain criss Daza DEPECO 2019 Boma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CrissWoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MR Goodal Gondwe how do you feel when you hear this


We need new party no more these useless party MCP and DPP are the same In KILLING PEOPLE DPP is just adopting what MCP was doing in their time DEPECO is taking this government


End of DPP. Dpp must be taken to International Court of Justice for genocide and killing of the chief of Zambia. They must be prosecuted.

Yotamu Phiri
You wonder what is following this man Mr Kutsaila, a learned Engineer only to be reduced to rubles by the merciless political environment. So sad indeed! He has no sympathy at all. How do we expect to develop in a country like Malawi where 60% of the people in floating in poverty. When people start behaving like then you know, they are infested with power. Its in their blood to see people suffering as they feast on the high tables of power. My prayer is that one day Malawians will say to this nonsense and choose a leader who is… Read more »
Green Kunyenga

The DPP leadership though educated is morally and intellectually bankrupt.


Kkkkkk Kasaira Kasaira how can you sink so low and come at the open and say such words really don’t u think u need to visit St John of God Hospital for check up sorry brother wake up. Your sister who was there representing the President has already apologized so what are you saying with ur big useless mouth shut up please or else ask Kaliati. The marks are already on the wall the people who did this are DPP cadets and you can not despite that

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