Man kills brother, remove sex organs: Malawi Police arrest him

A 32-year-old man, Francis Kamoto is under police custody Police in Phalombe district for allegedly killing his brother, removed his private parts and offered them for sale.

Kamoto: Suspect

Kamoto: Suspect

Kamoto is alleged to have killed his brother, Enock Waheya, 28, on 21 August, 2015 and removed his private parts.

He was arrested on Wednesday this week.

Phalombe police Public Relations Officer, August Nkhwazi told Nyasa Times, Kamoto was arrested while trying to sell the sex organs to one of the businessmen in the district.

”The suspect and the deceased left Malawi in 2008 and were staying with their elder brother in Khoroman district in Mozambique. And on this day, the two went out for beer drinking in a nearby village but
Waheya did not return home. His wife became suspicious,” explained Nkhwazi.

Nkhwazi said the deceased’s wife became more suspicious with the conduct of the suspect when queried about the whereabouts of his brother.

The deceased’s body was found dumped in a bush following a manhunt.

The body was found in a decomposed state, stomach opened and intestines and private parts removed.

”The body was buried on the scene of the incident. People started hunting for the suspect who by then was still at large and was believed to be hiding in Malawi,” added Nkhwanzi.

Kamato was however found selling male sex organs which were roasted- allegedly to prevent them from decomposing- to a businessman within Traditional Authority Nkhulambe’s area in Mphalombe.

”After realizing that he has been cornered, the suspect dumped the sex organs and fled. He was arrested with a help of Community Policing members”.

At the time of his arrest, Kamoto attempted to commit suicide by drowning himself in a river.

Kamoto, who hails from Katemera village, T/A Nkhulambe is expected to be handed over to Mozambican police- since the murder incident took place in that country.

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41 thoughts on “Man kills brother, remove sex organs: Malawi Police arrest him”

  1. Chenkumbi says:

    there is no need for life imprisonment here, this man must be killed because is a mad dog.

  2. Chenkumbi says:

    Are the Lutepos, kasamabaras the lhomwe people who are involved in theft and cashgate? why do you hate the Lhomwe people? They shall always rule you, whether you want on not. Idiot.

  3. BEXTRA says:

    Very sad indeed kill the dog!!!!

  4. Jacob Chazuka Mwale says:

    What a shame?Roasting private parts?Apolisi amuthambitse ameneyu.

  5. Satan in human form

  6. DAMIANO says:

    Ifa sithawika aise

  7. lamezy says:

    zonsez ndi boma ili

  8. anabel mitawa says:

    That’s a Lhomwe for you. Peter Mutharikas kinsman

  9. Ralph says:

    This is more than cruelty,he must be the devil’s grandchild.

  10. mbuli67 says:

    Anthu otere safunika kulowa mkhoti, they are like rabbid dogs, just take them straight to where they belong.

  11. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Mulungu atithandize,

  12. Unenesko says:

    He should have kept them to sell at mulakho ceremony.

  13. Alfred lambe thawi says:

    Last DayZ

  14. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    Shallia law basi! Tit for tat nk more diacussions apa!

    As someone has alredy pointed out one of these disgruntled presidents will gonna release him pa 6 july cholinga adzakhale supplier wawo wa ziwalo.

  15. getu maseko says:


  16. dadaboma says:

    Lomwes are the source of evil, death, suffering and theft in Malawi. This tribe needs erasing now. Malawi will never regain sanity, honour and glory with Lomwes around in this country. Let’s roast all of them and throw their ashes in Ruo river so they can go to Shire then Zambezi then Indian ocean. These pests just have to go, not tomorrow but now.

  17. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Oh my lord help us

  18. Ndatero ine says:

    Koma mlomwe uyu eeeeh

  19. Kasim says:

    There is nothing like dziko likutha. These are signs of frustration among Malawians who have been reduced to beggars by mitchona . ulova standards of living have rocked bottom the worst since independence

  20. Thakhwani says:

    Jehovah God save us from these criminals.

  21. kwakwase says:

    pipo r dangerous, your own brother? go to hail

  22. Bwande says:

    Lomwe belt

  23. nguluwe says:

    I think you have missed the real strory Nyasatimes. This is “Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe” story all over. The brothers have different last names, likely the older brother was illegitimate and neglected, therefore jealous of younger brother who probably got everything he wanted

  24. felixgama says:


  25. Abu Bin Josolo says:

    he is insane mpaka he roasted them amalingalila patali. bad though singasekelele

  26. hisbolla says:

    Alomwe alomwe alomwe

  27. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Jst kill dis cow!

  28. Dammie says:

    Ndiye mpaka kukazinga ma Parts? Lathadi dzikoli

  29. mada wa bullets says:

    last dayz, ambuye zibwelani tsopano.

  30. Professor Chipsenthe wa Mavuzi says:

    Alhomwe abale ake a Pitara

  31. Hilda Mgoloka says:

    Life imprisonment is not good enough because one day some crazy Tahuna will release him like what happened to Macholo……………finish yourself

  32. Kau says:

    Ntchito za alomwe ndizimenezo

  33. Prodigalson says:

    Ihave no words coz ndizothesa nzeru.

  34. chiyipilawachaje says:

    ngati anthu tafika popha a chibale chifukwa cha ndalama zimenezi zizindikiro za kutha kwa dziko

  35. Chawezi says:

    I suspect wapenga ameneyo. He is mad. he should go for mental state evaluation first. He is likely schzophrenic

  36. chatonda says:


  37. Stanley Kayange says:

    Eye to an eye basi,,,,kulibe zokakambirana apa….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lutepo says:

    End of times!! Killing own brother???

  39. Mulomwe weniweni says:

    Go rot in jail mfiti iwe

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