5 ways to enhance digital security for your business

With many businesses going digital, cybersecurity threats are on the rise. Each day, we keep hearing about new data breaches in large corporations and government institutions as cybersecurity experts and hackers strive to outsmart each other.

The war may never come to an end, and the best bet for both large and small businesses is to adopt robust cyber security strategies and stay up to speed with emerging defense tactics. Read on for tips to enhance your cyber security approach and protect your business’s data from virtual intruders.

1.    Use strong passwords

The basic level of security for any digital system is the password. Passwords ensure only authorized personnel are able to access specific data sets.

While you may have passwords for all your computers and business software, it is worthwhile to note that not all passwords offer the same level of data protection. Lazy passwords such as “Jessica123” are easy for bots and human hackers to guess. Your secret word should be a combination of letters, words, and characters that should not spell out any name or make any sense. Services such as OnePassword and LastPass can help you manage your passwords if you are struggling to generate, secure, and update them manually.

2.    Use Virtual Private Networks

Digitization has enabled businesses to set up programs where employees can work from home. While this increases productivity and curbs congestion on the company premises, it jeopardizes digital security. Some employees may access company systems from unsecured public Wi-Fi, unknowingly creating new avenues for breaches. A reliable and robust VPN can keep your business’s information safe for personnel to access from their various devices.

3.    Train your employees

Companies can develop cybersecurity awareness programs to teach their workforce the basics of data security. You can use your in-house team or hire an IT solutions agency to create the program. If possible, update it at least twice a year, so your workers stay on top of trends and changes in data security strategies.

4.    Invest in antivirus software

Malicious software in your computers can lead to costly breaches if left unaddressed. Antivirus software is built to detect any potential threats and stop them in their tracks. It is essential that you have reliable and up-to-date antivirus software in your computers to save yourself the tedious hassle of manual threat detection.

Windows 10 and macOS users can use software that’s already built in to their operating systems, although they still have to update them for protection against new threats.

5.    Use the latest software versions

All devices and software, including phones, web browsers, applications, and operating systems that you use for daily business operations, offer periodic updates that come with security improvements and new features. By ensuring you use the latest software versions, you protect your data from emerging cyber threats and improve your systems’ performance.

These tips help you play your part in securing business and customer data from breaches. The other part is played by the creators of the device and software your company uses, so it is crucial to partner with reputable hardware and software companies too.


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1 year ago

Good tech advice..there is need for a serious awareness to the general public especially those whose use mobile and Internet technologies which are the critical targets for akambelembele opita ku school. In these times of crisis like COVID pandemic, crooks take advantage of people desperation and panic. They call on mobile phones asking questions that lead users to revealing secret information such as Passwords, pin codes ending up being duped. Another common target is Phishing, you get an email with a tempting message like you have won something and u should open a hyperlink which if you do..that begins the… Read more »

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