Chakwera, Kaliwo court face-off aborted: MCP warring factions opt for dialogue

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) warring factions, who have fought each other a bitter battle over power struggle, have t agreed to settle their differences outside the court when they appeared before the High Court in Lilongwe.

Chakwera: MCP going for dialogue

Lawyer for Chakwera, Titus Mvalo SC

Lawyer Powel Nkhutabasa : Kaliwo will accept the out of court settlement

Party president Lazarus Chakwera, who was expected to face-off his ‘rebel’ secretary general Gustave Kaliwo, did not turn up when the court endorsed the decision to settle the two warring parties differences outside the court walls.

MCP lawyer Titus Mvalo, Sc confirmed to reporters outside the court that the differences would now be dealt with using contact and dialogue method, giving a ray of hope that the much awaited convention would be held soon.

“We will have to meet and discuss this matter,” said Mvalo.

Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition,  obtained a court injunction restraining the Kaliwo faction from calling for a convention after  he announced to hold the Indiana  on July 7 to 9  2017.

Kaliwo camp obtained another court injunction last year restraining the Chakwera camp from holding the convention.

Lawyer for Kaliwo,  Powell Khutabasa,  wondered why and how the Chakwera camp were intending to withdraw the matter when just over a day ago they had filed additional documents in support of their case.

“My Lord, it is very surprising that instead of continuing where we stopped before adjournment last court session, our colleague are here telling us differet story all together, they are the ones who started this matter at court, they themselves sort court date for the matter to be heard, they were given, then it started we demanded that we cross examine Dr Chakwera following his sworn affidavit [and] the day he was to appear counsel told us he was away attending a funeral in the North, the court set another date and it was postponed to be today.

“ Few days ago they served with us new documents supporting their case and now today they say they are withdrawing the case without a formal application but just by a word of a mouth?” wondered Nkhutabasa.

Presiding Judge Charles Mkandawire agreed with the respondents and directed that a formal application for the discontinuance be filed within two days and that until then  Chakwera be spared the cross examination as it appears the matter will be withdrawn eventually.

Nkhutabasa said the Kaliwo faction would respect the outcome of the discussions.

“We want this issue to reach its logical conclusion,” said Khutabasa.

Meanwhile, the High Court in Blantyre is on Friday expected to make its determination on the injunction obtained by Kaliwo, a ruling which may pave way for the convention to take place.

Kaliwo, the party vice president Richard Msowoya, former party publicist Jesssie Kabwila and others are also fighting the decision by the party to fire them.

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I think this saga will just confirm that oChakwera does not have the leadership qualities desired of a major political party in this country. He’s wishy washy on many issues, and reverses course when only slight pressure is applied. An experienced and fair mediator would only re-instate the so-called rebels into their positions, thereby indirectly reprimanding oChakwera; and let contests settle the controversy at a convention. That is if the leader is not afraid of getting embarrassed: as some of the “rebels” may actually win and retain their positions if given the chance to contest. Ms Kabwila, especially, must be… Read more »

Humble pie has been eaten by the Chakwera faction probably motivated by the quest to make MCP looK united when DPP is in chaos.


A chakwera mwalowa zinthu zoti simukwanisa inu si andale zisiyeni izi chaka chamawa president ndi Dr.Chris Daza DEPECO yikulowa m’boma MCP kwawo kunatha chipani chilichose chomwe chinalamula sichizalamulaso .

Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani

I really don’t know what Msowoya and Kaliwo want. If they have followers, they should just ask for their votes at the convention. The courts should not be abused by issues like these. There are many people out there seeking justice. Just go to IRC and see how many dismissed workers want to be assisted. Many people die without getting justice and yet selfish people abuse the courts. Can these two lead the nation? In politics the aim is to serve the people with honesty. We don’t see this Msowoya, Kaliwo and the ngolongoliwas in dpp.

kaka ni dada

DPP beasts of prey are here commenting badly, please God give me a signal so that I trace them. These are criminals which should be punished by voting them out of government. Please God give me a signal to trace them here.


Wagwa nayo Chakwela.


Bambo ako agwanayo


Chakwera has seen that he can’t win the case hence he is withdrawing. We are waiting to see what happens.


Comrades unite for the betterment of the party and the nation at large

Wanyazikhipi Kahamba

That’s fine. Mr Chakwera can you hastern things. Time is running out. Agree one thing quickly.


Thats the way to go. There is no point in continuing with the squabbles when, as govt, in May next year, the focus should be on putting together policies that benefit the population. Leave the squabbles in the rightful hands of the DPP Baby and his grandfather. KOKOLILIKO KWACHAAAAA!

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