Dulani, Malawi newspaper fault Mutharika for Mkondiwa demotion, spy chief Dausi appointment in cabinet

President Peter Mutharika has come under criticism from University of Malawi’s Chancellor College political lecturer Boniface Dulani and an authoritative daily newspaper on his decision to demote Chief Secretary to government George Mkondiwa to be a diplomat and the former National Intelligence Services chief, Nicholas Dausi, who will be doubling as government spokesperson after the firing of Malison Ndau.

Dulani: It reflects poorly on Mutharika
Mkondiwa: Demoted
Dausi: Drafted into cabinet

Mutharika’s frequent cabinet reshuffles are faulted for creating instability and duplication of responsibilities for some ministries and departments which affects their efficiency.

Dulani said the appointments announced on Monday reflect badly on President Mutharika.

“When you have a President appointing three or four people to fill the same position within a span of two to three years, it reflects poorly on the appointing authority. If these people have not delivered according to expectations, it also means that he [Mutharika] has been selecting wrong people for these positions,” said Dulani in comments published in The Nation, daily newspaper on Tuesday.

Dulani also faulted the axe of Ndau without any apparent reason, saying “something must have happened.”

The political scientist said it’s high time Malawians start “challenging” Presidential prerogative to hire and fire in line with tenets of democracy of promoting transparency and accountability.

“I think the President needs to explain to Malawians, publicly, why he felt it necessary to dismiss [Ndau] just so suddenly,” Dulani said.

Dulani also queried Mutharika on the appointment of spy chief Dausi as Minister of Information and Communication.

“So someone, who is apparently knowledgeable in intelligence now he is at the core of communication? If we recall, at the beginning of his term when the President was appointing ministers [he] requested for CVs.

“He promised to be appointing people based on their expertise. Now, it seems that has fallen down the road because if you look at the recent reshuffles, it moved people into ministries that they certainly are not expertise in,” said Dulani.

He said Dausi appointment falls into the category of appointing people in position which he is not an expert but for political expediency.

“We seem to be moving into the direction where there are presidents that have started well but very quickly get caught up with political experience,” observed Dulani.

He also faulted Mutharika for “demotion” of Mkondiwa from chief secretary to government to be Malawi High Commissioner in India, saying he is finding himself in a position where as an ambassador he will be answerable to the chief secretary, Lloyd Muhara who was his deputy.

“But again, it is to do with the whole secrecy that no one wants to tell us really [why] he is being redeployed.  He is a long time career civil servant, well versed in the affairs of the civil service,” Dulani is quoted saying.

Muhara was commissioner general of Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) until 2014 when  then president Joyce Banda appointed him High Court judge but Mutharika hired him as deputy chief secretary to prepare him to head the civil service.

And in its editorial. The Nation commented on Mutharika’s ceaseless appetite of rolling and changing some cabinet portfolios, saying it is currently hitting prime levels of worry.

Titled, ‘Rolling ministers won’t gather moss’, the paper’s editorial comment backed Dulani’s assertions that it is difficult to make sense of three personnel changes, just in a period of two years , at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

“As a ministry which has the mandate to lead, coordinate and manage public information and awareness, issues of administrative stability do not need to be overemphasised,” said the paper.

It also agreed with Dulani that the President’s prerogative to hire and fire need s to be exercised “within the realms of rationality.”

The daily reminded President Mutharika of his earlier promise of appointing people on merit.

It observed that the “ceaseless appointments are becoming a threat not just to meritocracy, but also the quest for institutional stability which is key to implementing and sustaining government policies.”

Mutharika’s first Cabinet reshuffle was done 11 months after becoming President in which he swapped three Cabinet ministers.

The second was in August last year when he fired Paul Chibingu and Trasizio Gowelo as ministers of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and Local Government and Rural Development respectively.

Mutharika’s third reshuffle since taking over power after his triumph in the May 20 2014 Tripartite Elections was done in April 2016 in which he sacked one senior minister, Thyolo South-West member of Parliament (MP) Allan Chiyembekeza, who served as Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, moving around several others and drafted in one new face as deputy minister, but maintained a lean team of 20.

Meanwhile, Dr. Isaac Munlo has been recalled from India and will be Chief Director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, according to State House statement.

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Zander mutiuze
4 years ago

Why president dos not remove Chaponda? A man Who is corrupted no. 1 in Malawi historia. Hos name is mentioned in Every news and yet Muntharika ignore like he has not heard. WHY? Ndausi and Chaponda sit secured but life has up and downs. To Day sitting secured but tomorrow is another time

Zako izo
Zako izo
4 years ago

Adulani mumalepheretsa ana kumeneko mumatiuza?a nation newspaper zinsinsi ZANU nafenso tili nazo.

4 years ago
Reply to  Zako izo

Kulepheretsa ana zikukhuza pati ndi nkhani iyii

misozi banda
misozi banda
4 years ago

koka koka mpsa koma kumenekoooo titulutsani ma dikishonale sopano. uyo ali ndi student companion itukuke. coz hey this is fantabulous. mangani malamba acindyanguyeeeeeeeeeeeee

Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee
4 years ago

The removal of Minister must be done in a proper manner. The President or his office should inform the Ministers about their removal before making announcements. I know of Ministers who have been removed from office whilst they are attending state functions like opening workshops in Blantyre or Mzuzu, and they had to remove national flags from their cars on their way back and sit in front and not the ministerial back seat. This is unfair and it embarrasses the minister. Lets be civilised The other thing is whether the Ministers are not supposed to be given reasons for their… Read more »

4 years ago

Dulani usamazichititse manyazi si ku college tu izi za ndale ndikande inenso ndikukanda…chonde zipangani supervise ma thesis a ana zandale is not based on the theories you preach ku chanco be practical.

4 years ago

any one with a CV for mr dausi?

4 years ago

Kkkkllkk !!! One Political Science ya a Dulani imandiseketsa.

4 years ago

Tell me a thing, Nyasatimes. Who’s governing this country? Is it Boniface Dulani or Nation Publications Limited???

Does the President have to consult Dulani or explain to NPL why he’s firing someone? Really? What sort of a joke is this?

Patrick Phiri
Patrick Phiri
4 years ago

Ideally, Mkondiwa is supposed to retire. But Malawi can’t just dump the experience, wisdom and Government knowledge that he has into retirement. His ervices are still very much needed.

4 years ago

Wishing the new Chief secretary every success and good luck

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