Facebook terrorists ‘Mmeto wa a Tambwali’ exposed, face charges

Victims of a cyber crime wave of war waged on social network Facebook under the names of Mmeto wa a Tambwali have hit back by demanding jail terms for all women who participated in insulting, cyber bullying and stalking them.

Last few weeks several women took turns castigating elite group of Malawian company executives, prominent lawyers, top flight media personalities, politicians and musicians by posting on a closed Facebook group fictitious stories of alleged womanising.

One of the offended lawyers currently in the United Kingdom for a brief business tour and told Nyasa Times that his fellow victims in Malawi have written the UK’s Home Office  and gave particulars of several individuals who participated in the cyber crime.

He said the elite society men have asked him to use his visit in the UK and physically report the crime in any UK Police and Home Office.

Takondwa Kathewere
Susan Mache David Matimati
Lusekero Gondwe
Jennifer Cooke Madonsela

The victims have written the British Embassy demanding that five female residents in the UK must stand trial accused of committing cyber crime according to British Laws.

“Under the British Public Order Act of 1986 section 4A says that a person is guilty of an offence if, with intent to cause a person harassment, alarm or distress, he: (a) Uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour, or (b) Displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, thereby causing that or another person harassment, alarm or distress,” said the lawyer.

He said while meeting other executive lawyers in the UK on other business issues a lawyer from Pannone, UK’s leading Cyber Solicitors advised the offended Malawian men to fully send all details of the discussions in hard copy format showing all the discussions.

It is the Pannone Solicitors who prosecuted Liam Stacey, a 21 year old British student, who was recently jailed for 56 days under s.4A of the Public Order Act 1986 after posting offensive messages about Fabrice Muamba on Twitter.

“I learnt that the creator of the group Jennifer Cooke Madonsela and Sella Blessings Chikaphonya had removed the created page after an earlier threat of legal redress. But we are fortunate that six other women had printed all the pages meant to show their husbands being attacked on the facebook page, so we have the evidence,” he said.


The documents are ready and have been submitted to the UK Home Office asking the office to question five Malawian women including Jane Takondwa  Kathewera living in Bolton, United Kingdom alleged to have participated in the crime.

Kathewera is also, alleged to be on the run for money laundering, she is in hiding after collecting money from various women posing as if she would change British Pounds into Malawi kwacha.

One woman from Scotland said Kathewera, who has since closed her  Facebook account, advertised on the social networking sites to the effect that she was providing a foreign exchange service of collecting pounds in exchange for Malawi kwacha but she has since not honoured the deal after collecting a lot of the said British currency.

“I thought of it as a quick way of sending money to Malawi as she said she had money in Malawi and that if I gave her £700 she would transfer the money the following day but now its three weeks she has not done it and she is not picking up her phones,” said a visibly disappointed woman.

Another family (name withheld) told Nyasa Times that they gave her £1,000 a week ago and she promised that she would transfer the money into their Malawi account the next day.

“But it’s now a week, we are stranded as we are desperately in need of the money in Malawi to help at a funeral,” lamented the man of the house.

Meanwhile, Police are also said to have been sent to the South African Home Affairs where three other Malawian women are also believed to have participated in the alleged crime.

In Ireland, a relative of one of the abused men living in Cork says he has already reported several names of the alleged culprits to the Irish Immigration for illegally living in that country.

“I have sent an envelope today with all the documents, pictures and addresses of those who wrote nonsense about my brother to the Irish Immigration office in Dublin,” she said.

Meanwhile, Malawi Police have received a total of 14 complaints on the same issue from different men victimised on the same group. They have opened case files for all women who participated in the discussion a conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Police sources say seven of the victims reported at the Police Headquarters in Lilongwe, two at Blantyre Police and the rest in several police stations.

“Yes, we have received and recorded statements of complaint from several gentlemen, we are zeroing to finding all those who were involved,” said one Senior Police Officers at the National Police headquarters in Lilongwe.


Further investigations carried out by Nyasa Times have revealed that two of the three women involved in the Facebook crime are involved in a network of human trafficking, wooing desperate girls from the Southern African country, Malawi with promises of employment in Europe, where they are sold to brothels and pimps.

Nyasa Times has in its possession two pornography flicks some of the women have acted in and it’s also has been revealed that they frequent known sex truism havens in Ibiza and Thailand.

Naming and shaming

Our investigations reveal that the women, most of whom are divorced, widowed, single or in an unstable or troubled relationships and in most cases sell their bodies for money first started the ignominious assemblage two weeks ago with fake names.

Divorcee Jane Takondwa Kathewera was operating under a bogus name Nyafoto Nabanda along side her partners, Netherlands-based Margaret Nkankha who was operating under a fake name, Nachanza Njazi and Rita Thera.

Others include UK based Rachael Mseteka Makutumula and Chifundo Kapalamula.

It has also been revealed that one of the main administrators, Kathewera, before coming to the UK, she was working as a commercial sex worker at kaphatenga trading centre in Salima where she met her former husband, Mike Kachule who moved her to Area 18 in Lilongwe but Kachule divorced her.

After the group was threatened they changed the group’s name to ‘Timetane zimenezi’ before switching off and coming up with another group calling it ‘Azimayi ndi azibambo timetane basi’.

Prominent members include Della Chirombo who was the creator and main administrator and had several other administrators who included Monica Nyika, Lusekero Gondwe, Rachel Madanitsa, Margaret Damalekani, Grace Sylvia Dumba, Ruth Mthekana Tetsuko,  Nankhoma Mwana Wa Anamgabi, Mable Nangantani, Yamikani Hendry and Linda Galimoto.

Nankhoma Mwana Wa Anamgabi (nee kazembe) who is married  and based in South Africa in one of her posts cautioned her fellow administrators to watch out for those that might be watching them.

“Please we must screen these people before screening them, ena ndi anyambalo apa (Others have sinister motives),” Nankhoma Mwana Wa Anamgabi warned.

Some of the names that were posting an avalanche of distasteful and contemptible postings attacking married men as liars and cheaters included; Phindile Malikha Chibambo, Mercy Das,  Linda Chavula, Emmie Mtambo, Chifundo Kapalamula, Thandi Eagleton, Luu Mercy Ngwata, Susan Mache David Matimati, Chypo Lewinsky, Chikondi Amadu, Lucy Elliot Mtewa, Ellen Khanyizira, Gloria Chamba, Abgail Azizi, Joy Wezzie Gausi, Chifundo Phiri, Pretty Gal, Tisha Pashalisha Chiwaka, Pleasant NaoBabie Munthali, Talandila Kaulendo,Vickie Mbongozi Mayanan.

Nyasa Times understands that the initial vile group, M’meto wa atambwali, was created by Nonkosi Dlomo and active members included: Yamikani Hendrey, Mable Wangantani, Chisomo Mpekasambo, Khetasi Chiumia, Rabecca Becs Chiumia, Lilian Kaitano, Mercy Kayere, Vuki Ndlozi, Pamela Sankhon Lynn Matako and Bongolwe Nyarukhere among many others

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