Love in Thyolo: Couple brings business to standstill as passers-by stunned with age gap

There was drama at Thyolo District Council Offices when a couple with a big age difference went to register their marriage at the District Registrar’s Office attracting people’s attention in the process.

Chinthuli and his newly wed wife

The couple being showered with money

The couple was greeted with jubilation from members of staff from the council and other community members as the two walked side by side in their wedding attire towards the council offices.

Business came to a standstill at the Boma as people rushed to the council officers to have a closer look at the couple who looked unmoved with the jubilation that was taking place around them.

After registering their marriage, people danced around them with others showering them with money as is the tradition with African wedding ceremonies.

“The man has married several women in his life. I think he has resorted to marry the young one as his last wife. I know him; he’s very proud of his wife. They are always seen together around Goliati Trading Centre,” said Clemence Chinangwa, a Thyolo resident who was part of the jubilation.

Commenting on the wedding, Thyolo District Registrar, Blessings Gondwe, said he noticed the age difference between the man and the woman but there was nothing he could do since the woman was above 21 years of age.

Gondwe said his office only intervenes when the bride is a minor but in the case of the Goliati couple, he went ahead to register the marriage and issued them with their marriage certificate.

“We have the mandate to protect minors but this woman is 25, so there’s nothing we can do apart from registering the couple,” said Gondwe.

By his looks, the man, a Mr. Chinthuli, seems to be in his 70s.

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Generations of vipers
Generations of vipers

Its good that this happened in Thyolo


chimdala kutenga mwanayo chidyamakanda nawenso mwana osachita mantha ndi mdalayo mr chinthuli mwadzina lako ukufuna kukukulitsa maliseche mwanayo aaaa za manyazi

chaione wawo

There is this rebuke over this age difference because these two have come out in the open and declared their love and marriage. I bet there are a lot of such kind of relationships that are in hiding. For the love of money many girls are date old people like this man is simply because the men can offer lots of money. For me this is not a surprise, its the older men who are making life possible for some young girls nde zisayipe apa coz abwera poyera.

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda

Young girls of her age are likely to fire off a flurry of messagse against her for getting married to a man the age of her father. They will take pleasure in fanning the flame of anger. But “love is blind” so they say. Let us wait and see on how she is going to handle the ridicule. Good marriage in fact.

zamuxolo ngalo

zachilomwe ambuye!!!!!!!!


anthu a kwa Goliati kkkkk


Yankwana nguwo mlekeni avale


I guess that old person has a lot of Kwachas, or else padutsa zitsamba apa.
I don’t think kuti ku chipinda zinthu zikaendako ndithu, anyway paja amati mwamuna sakalamba.

Kanthiti Nzandu

Regardless of 21 yrs of age for girl, this marriage was supposed to be stopped. If this family is blessed with a baby will the husband be able to educate the child kodi pamene mwanayo azidzafika 18 yrs bamboyo adzakhala ali ndi zaka zingati. That’s bad

chaione wawo

How many children have youthful fathers but still lack the support of their fathers? suppose this old man has money and will leave it for the for the education of the child? Of course the child would miss the fatherly love but lets not start talking of failure to educate the child. There are children with able bodied parents who aren’t getting education


this is very bad as the man is robbing us young ones future wives. i think i will propose the lady and remarry her

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