MP Masangwi hits at DPP top brass for misleading Mutharika: Call NGC to end ‘shadow-boxing’

Blantyre City East parliamentarian Noel Masangwi, who is also governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), director of special events, is the latest top party official to add voice in the ‘Hurricane Callista’ , siding with former first lady Callista Mutharika’s sentiments that  President Peter Mutharika is being misled by “beasts of prey” who have surrounded him and failing to create a forum where issues such that Mutharika  should not seek re-election in the 2019 general elections an pave the way for Vice-President Saulos Chilima can be “internally resolved” .

Masangwi: DPP should end shadow boxing

Masangwi, former regional governor for the South, said  in a communication posted in DPP National Governing Council WhatsApp group which Nyasa Times has independent verified to be genuine, saying what is happening in DPP is “chaotic” as  anyone can  “just wake up” and hold a news conference to comment on sentiments by Callista—who is an in-law to the President and widow of DPP founding leader Bingu wa Mutharika— on the proposal to replace Mutharika  with Chilima.

He said there is “a cacophony of voices” in DPP  following Callista Mutharika’s sentiments that 79-year-old Mutharika is old and should retire and pave the way for youthful Vice-President Saulos Chilima, 45, as DPP’s presidential candidate in next year’s polls, saying it is hard to discern as to which message is which.

“The mixed messages are only confusing our members and making   us look like we are leaderless with no proper direction,”wrote Masangwi, who  confirmed to Nyasa Times  the authenticity of the correspondence.
“There was a press conference by the so called senior members of the party, including the so called Regional Vice Presidents; another one by regional youths; another one by representative of women, another one by the northern region representatives. This is simply wrong. Unfortunately it is the people that are close to the President, the so called Advisors like Dr (George) Chaponda etc that are misleading our President,” pointed out Masangwi.
He said the party should not be waking up every day to be greeted by officials playing out in the newspapers on matters of the DPP constitution.
“Does that mean a whole big party like the DPP is failing to create a forum where these outstanding issues can be internally resolved?”
Masangwi also queried the DPP big wigs who addressed a news conference to declare President Mutharika the party torch bearer unopposed, as who gave them such mandate.
Last week, Chaponda flanked by Information Minister Nicholas Dausi and Presidential aide Francis Mphepo and other senior members in the Southern Region, said Mutharika is an automatic presidential candidate for 2019 and does not need delegates’ votes.

“The so called senior members said they conducted their press conference as representatives of NGC, I ask which NGC? Some of us are also members of DPP’s NGC but we were not consulted. In fact (Louis) Ngalande  – who sided with Callista’s sentiments -can say he was speaking on behalf of NGC because he is also an NGC member. Now which NGC is which?”

He argued that  Ngalande’s reasons that he went to the media because the party did not provide a forum where members can air out their concerns is “quite legitimate.”

He said the party top brass should asked the  President to call for an NGC meeting where these matters can be deliberated as one family.

“The solution is not to call for a press conference to demonize Ngalande. These so called senior people are misleading the President. Are they the ones advising him not to call for an NGC meeting? What are they afraid of?

“As a lawyer, Dr Chaponda should have been the first person to accurately interpret the DPP constitution and provide guidance to our members about what it says regarding the holding of convention and presidential contests. It is a tragedy that he is the first one who is on the forefront misleading our members.”
Masangwi said when  the voice of the people is suppressed for a long time,  “it often comes in a fashion that others may not like, which is the case in our party right now.”
He confirmed what Ngalande said that DPP has never held any National Governing Council (NGC) meeting since 2013 because “the so called senior advisors are ill-advising the President.”
Wrote Masangwi: “They are selfish individuals who are ready to sacrifice the party at the altar of personal aggrandizements. They are afraid to tell the President the truth because their positions will be threatened. It is that simple in the DPP right now.”
Masangwi has also said Chaponda should also not have been speaking on matters of the DPP constitution because his very position is not provided for in the constitution.
“In fact many of those that are misleading the president today were merely appointed to their positions and not elected at any convention. This is the reason why some of us want to meet the President and explain to him properly about the concerns of the people in the party and explore the direction that we can take,” said Masangwi.
Speaking on behalf of concerned DPP members,  Masangwi said they feel President Mutharika is a “reasoning and upright person”  who has the best interest of the DPP at heart. “He is a good person but he has always been a victim of bad advice from a few misguided advisors. We do not want our President to be embarrassed by the   turn of events in the DPP, and in the same vein we believe he cannot let the whole party to suffer because a few people have chosen to be blind. Our party is a big organization, and we must not let it to be reduced into a butt of jokes through the actions of a few selfish individuals.”
Masangwi said President Mutharika  should be advised to call an NGC meeting “as a matter of urgency” where these issues should be resolved.
“Those people calling for the Chilima’s candidacy next year should not just be dismissed outright; they should also be given a fair hearing because they are bona-fide members with every right to be heard.  The shadow-boxing that is currently raging through the party must not be allowed to go on at any cost. Time is certainly not on our side because we need to redirect our energies towards fighting a common enemy.  The in-fighting is doing us more harm than good; we may just end up giving government to others on a silver platter,” argued Masangwi.
Apart from Callista,  DPP parliamentarians, notably Bon Kalindo (Mulanje South) and Allan Ngumuya (Blantyre City South), are supporting the move to have Chilima as the party’s torchbearer in next year’s elections.
Chaponda declined to give an immediate comment.


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Naye uyu Masangwi akudziona ngati tate…ukanakhala tate si bwenzi ujeni atanyenga mkazi wako iwe. Timadziwatu zinthu koma timangokuyang’ana….Timangokuona ukuyenda, koma anthu atanyenga mkazi wako kumbali.

Oooh God please Remove the scales of blindness from the eyes of my fellow MALAWIANS so that we can see that BUSHIRI IS only Answer to the hardships the country is facing Otherwise We will regret like never before in human history PLEASE PAC CSOS CHURCH LEADERS CHIEFS PARENTS INVITE BUSHIRI TO COME AND HELP GOVERN THE COUNTRY AS WAS THE CAUSE WITH KAMUZU THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN AND THE LESS PRIVILEGED IS NOW MAY GOD BLESS OUR LAND !!
Gerald Thyolani

Most people arguing here against what Masangwi has said seem to be taking issue personal not factual or using their intellect. I have never supported Masangwi myself but I have been moved by the wisdom he has employed to author such a letter. To me Masangwi I thought was one if those sluggards. Bravo Noel for such a missive conceived out of intellect. If our country needs to move, her people need to uphold truth not the nonsense some people are writing here.

Donald Kilintoni

We have the right to scrutinise Public figures including their motivation to utter some words…….

Concerned citizen

It is a shame for our nation to be taking so many steps backwards in terms of democracy.

It shows that most of the current leaders either outside our beautiful land as the masses were pushing for democracy in 1992 with the visionary bishops, or they all do not have a back bone worth talking about.


Masangwi is a respected member in the DPP and has a right to present his views if things are not well in the party. Don’t forget MCP is hitting hard in the South


I believe Noel Masangwi has nothing tangible to offer in DPP.DPP has capable intelectuals of seeing the political future.Its non of his business like Callista to suggest about an NGC. These guys have a plan,do not preempt.Just join your bandwagon or form a separate party with the one you are supporting.You know for sure that DPP as a party has a Lomwe base not Chewa,do not waste your energy or resources.Lomwes are not ready to vote for a Chewa,this is obvious.


What a silly comment you ndunderhead..
So you think Malawi belongs to lhomwes only?
Chicken mind


Who are lhomwes after all? You thinks Malawi can not move forward without useless pipo like your tribe


WELL SPOCKEN masangwi, am an MCP supporter but the way you have explained things here, if they dont understand they will never change .


Its very rare to find such kind of person to come out open and voice out bad things within the ruling party.Most of the people we have in Malawi especially in the ruling party are THE YES BOSS(BWANA),even if the boss is wrong.I salute him for being honest to the party but as the saying goes on,”TRUTH HALTS”members within the DPP will hate him for telling the truth.JESUS was accused for telling them their wrong doings and this man Masangwi will be the enemy to ANDIDYE NAWO for what he said.BIG UP MASANGWI

“TRUTH HALTS” or “TRUTH HURTS” huh? Mukuthamangira mumeza musanatafunetu bwana LEGO. Anyway, I wish you could scrutinise the calibre and current status of the people that have aired their dissenting views views so far particularly those propagating Chilima presidency, I’m sure you will discover that they are disgruntled with either the party or the president in one way or the other. The following are my observations; 1. Callista has a deceased estate issue to settle with the Mutharika family. She tried to claim Ndata but failed because it is managed under a Trust, Bineth Trust, not the property of Bingu… Read more »
Masangwi hasn’t any political space within the DPP as of now to unleash his extra-political terror activities he was voted into parliament to divert his misguided energies this man is a total skunk who can knock the daylights out of his political rivals there is room for him with his brother in arms Louis Ngalande now whatever these idiots have been doing on other parties is catching they hope against hope that SKC will hire as terror machines they rose to the high offices over physical liquidation of their opponents over maiming opponents so here they are dusk is setting… Read more »
@Central. I can challenge you young man that all these guys who seem to be speaking on behalf of Chilima will be embarrassed when Chilima comes out to explain his position on the issue. Chilima and his boss know that the one who have initiated the issue(Callista) have never being in good terms with APM because of Bingu’s wealth which the lady claims she has a share. Chilima knows that the woman wants to use him in her fight with the Mutharikas. Chilima knows that without the endorsement of APM and his Lhomwe support he cannot make it in the… Read more »

aSantana,you need to be schooled that Callista has every right to a portion of Bingu’s wealth. Mukamakwatira azimayiwa mudzidziwa zimenezi. Osamangowakwerana koma kumati chuma yayi – ngati simungathe, bola mungokhala osakwatira


Santana, Bull Doozer Chaponda, H. Musa, Nankhumwa and Gondwe can never accept Chilima as APM’s running mate for the second time….!! This was why Gondwe introduced the “Baby” adage…………! This I am challenging you is what will completely destroy and or divide the party……….!! These people believe you me will fight to the last drop of their blood to eliminate Chilima and in the process MCP will easily walk over!!

Let’s wait and watch as the game unfolds………………………………………………………………………..!!

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Is it not the same Chaponda whom a group of people from Mulanje during the presidency of Bingu Wa Muthalika went to complain to the president that he, Chaponda and a number of others who were mentioned that time was destroying the party and wanted them out of the party. Every face tells a story. This man has never been liked by anybody in this country including DPP supporters.


Don’t be cheated brother Santana. I am also there but truly speaking with APM we can’t win. I am also from the Lhomwe belt but people are tired with us. Do you know that many Lhomwes are sleeping without eating and you think those are happy? People are meeting and praying day and night.You will regret your thinking. Let’s love our country not just thinking of enriching ourselves.


Whose fault is it that they are not eating? And will MCP give them food? Osamangobwebwetatu.

As I read your comments Santana, the more I realise that Malawi politics is till in its nappy stages. No wonder Malawi is where it is now. I don’t understand how people who I have known and (who are noe politicians), who I believed to be very intelligent and smart, have stooped so low to a point that they’re unrecognisable and are falling short of being “stupid” in the grasp of the situation they find themselves in . With this level of political debates, theres no way Malawi will ever compete at global stage either for FDI or international trade.… Read more »

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