The Techniques Used by Bookmakers to Keep You Betting

Everything that a customer sees on an online betting site is geared towards keeping them betting. This isn’t anything to be taken personally, it is just worth remembering that the bookmaker is operating as a serious business.

That means they care about their profits. The best way that a bookmaker makes profit is by receiving high volumes of bets. In order to gain the biggest profit they naturally want to pull in as many wagers as possible, so they will employ techniques to keep bettors hanging around and parting with their money.

None of this is probably any kind of great secret to anyone. You can dip into the Betway sportsbook or any popular online bookmaker and see examples of this playing out in real time. In this article, we’ll explore some of these techniques that the bookies use to keep you betting and how they work.

Promotions and Bonuses

The first thing that a bookmaker needs to do is get customers in through the virtual door. A popular method for achieving that goal is through welcome bonus offers, which are seen everywhere. These are one-time deals that only new customers opening an account can get.

They are often more lucrative in terms of monetary value than the regular types of bonuses available for existing customers. The lure of some kind of free bet is usually what happens, and at the end of the day, it does give a punter a nice incentive for registering.

But any type of betting that you do still involves risk, and you will still have to in most cases, deposit and play a bet before receiving rewards through new customer offers. So it’s not just free betting cash that an operator is handing over for nothing.

Bonuses and promotions for players that already hold an account are another branch of this same tree. Whether it’s an Acca Win Bonus, a Money Back Special on a particular event, a free bet rewards club or just enhanced odds offers, these are all designed to be very appealing to the customer.

The Betting Options

The crux of any online betting experience is the markets and range of betting options that punters have available to them. The greater the range of markets for a particular event, the more likelihood is that you are going to find something to bet on.

So that is why you may see more than 100 bet options on a single Premier League match. The high volume just gives the bookmaker more chance of receiving bets. Providing a variety of options is a simple technique, but having that appeal to a wider audience and keeping customers engaged for longer periods is crucial for customer retention.

It costs a bookmaker less to retain a customer than it does to acquire them in the first place. Keeping existing customers happy is vital.

 The Features

 Along with good betting options, features are another big aspect of user engagement on betting sites. Bookmakers invest in cutting-edge features like bet builders, live-streaming, Cash Out tools and live betting, to capture their audience.

Customers like to feel that they are getting something, and having a feature like live-streaming for example, can enrich the customer’s experience. The bookmaker’s gain there is that if a player is watching a sporting event, they are more likely than not going to bet on it.

Targeted Marketing

The technology behind online betting sites will personalise the experience that individuals get. Bookies use data analytics to track customer behaviour and tailor their offerings accordingly. For example, if a customer consistently places bets on football matches, the bookmaker may send them targeted promotions and offers for football-related events.

In doing so, the customer is likely to remain interested and feel further encouraged to get bets placed. Another similar tool that is used is social media. Bookmakers run big social media campaigns and engagement, talking about current sports events, giving up-to-date information on some of them, and offering exclusive promotions and bonuses to their followers.

In Conclusion

There is a wide range of techniques that online bookmakers use to keep their customers betting including bonuses and features across their website and mobile apps. It’s a common business technique to try and market themselves and boost customer engagement.

But that leaves something on the shoulders of the customer. It’s massively important for players to bet responsibly, and to not get swept up in the swell of enticing betting opportunities that can get thrown at you. 

Manage your betting funds, and be ready to step away and take breaks when needed. The bookmakers want your attention, but keep the biggest focus on only betting on what you want to and with funds that you can afford to lose.

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