Thieves start stealing from hospital bed ridden patients

Malawian thieves have become so heartless now to the extent that they have devised a way to even rob off hospital bed ridden patients.

The supposedly food items the thieves brought

A patient at Kamuzu Central Hospital in  the Capital City Lilongwe received two visitors whom, though they did not know, they thought was a sympathetic friend of one of their relatives.

The unknown visitors had brought with  them some food items that were packed in lunch boxes of which one pack was labelled KFC.  There was also a bottle of Ceres juice and one of Supershake Maheu.

A video clip that is circulating on social media, shows a guard at the hospital explaining that a few moments after they had brought the food items, one of the visitors  asked from the patient if he could borrow their mobile phone and was given.

The visitor started a conversation and indicated that he wished to complete the call outside and his accomplice followed and they disappeared.

After a while, the patient and guardian opened their supposedly food gift only to discover there were rocks in the lunch boxes and sand in the two juice bottles.

“That’s when the patient realised that the visitors were thieves out to rob them of the cellphone,” the guard said in the video clip.

The sad incident has gone viral on social media and sympathisers are appealing to patients and their guardians not to entertain strange visitors at their sick beds.

“Of course there are some patients in our hospitals who cannot afford decent food and rely on the hospital ration which is not appealing to most and the thieves must be going around the wards checking on who seems lacking and take advantage of them like in this situation,” said one sympathiser on Facebook social media.

“This is really pathetic and heartless, stealing from hospital patients. That’s sickening, ” said another.

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4 years ago

Bad precedent from heartless people there is need for soul searching in oder to bring this to an end by improving security checks starting from hospital ward level and all the hospital vicinity

Banda Rodgers
4 years ago

Who is to blame? Such people need not to be left alone.. Such people need resonable security. Any food item from outside need to be rechacked before reaching the patient. Such people need solace from the department of health. This clearly denotes that our govt has lost track. Our country’s population has grown enomously since the days of Kamuzu. Since it is hard to control population, and there are more births than deaths , govt failing to create jobs and education is for the well-to-do hence banditry also rises.. Therefore govt need more security to such places. It is said… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Banda Rodgers

I now believe, that about 20% of our population is up to no good. Heartless persons. Why can’t hospitals copy from fellows in prisons. When visiting a suspect or convict in prison and you bring him/him food, you are told to taste the food in the presence of warders or nyapalas. Any parcel you bring in there, you are enforced to unbundle it and let them see what are the contents of the food. Some visitors may bring in poisonous food to terminate patients’ life which may become very unfortunate. Remember, matenda ena ukamadwala you don’t remember people’s names, and… Read more »

4 years ago

this is hopelessness. Komabe uyu waba cellphone but we have health personnel and political leaders stealing drugs from hospitals.

same.. same…

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