Transformation Alliance pens South Africa Ambassador in Malawi over Xenophobic attacks

Malawi’s vocal Political Movement Transformation Alliance (T.A) has written the South African Embassy in Malawi through its High Commisioner to express concerns over the recent Xenophobic attack rumour on foreign nationals in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa.

South African High Commisioner to Malawi Thenjiwe Mtinso has received the letter from Transformation Alliance

TA has since called upon for unity among all the African governments led by the South African government to find a lasting solution to the practice that claimed lives of many people some years ago.

In a letter dated 2nd March 2017 signed by the Alliance Chairman Moses Kunkuyu Kalongashawa addressed to the South African High Commissioners to Malawi office and made available to Nyasa Times, the Alliance says it is saddened with the continued threats of Xenophobic attacks subjecting foreign nationals to ‘unwarranted fear and trauma at the hands of South African Brothers’.

The letter titled ‘Calling for Leadership Sanity and Reasoning on Threats of Xenophobic attacks’ states that the threat of a repeat of Xenophobic attacks in South Africa reminds many of how development activities and initiatives are affected in many African activities as
a result of the attacks.

“Countries including Malawi and South Africa itself apart from economic activity coming to a halt, property and lives gets destroyed.

“We believe your excellency that together we must refrain from retrogressive acts by overzealous individuals and communities whether politically motivated or out of sheer selfishness and malice that tend to divide the United Africa” reads part of the letter.

“We are one and must remain such in a bid to successfully fight poverty currently ravaging our nations fuelled by careless leaders instead of dwelling in trivia,” adds the letter.

It further commends leaders who are calling upon for the protection of the foreign nationals without any compromise warning that giving the malpractice a blind eye might lead to unacceptable loss of lives, dispensed families, traumatized children and dwindling economies of the nations involvement.

The political movement also calls it ‘myopic and naive’ for South African government and its citizens to regard foreign nationals particularly Malawians as mere desperate souls in search of job opportunities and not active agents for South Africa’s economic growth.

“You may wish to appreciate your Excellency that Malawians have played a role in enriching South Africa’s exporting endeavours through the expansion of your markets. Thousands of cross boarder traders go through the borders and ports daily subjected to torturous and risky
conditions with their passports valid and wallets and purses filled with foreign currencies all to be deposited in your great nation’s foreign reserves in the name of international trade” narrates Kunkuyu in the statement.

He therefore asked the South African government and citizens to wipe off the mentality that foreign nationals visit their country to snatch their jobs as some visits on different reasons like business, tourism, education, vacation and many more just like South Africans do in other countries.

Kunkuyu also warned against remarks by top government officials including President Jacob Zuma which he said can fuel hatred between South Africans and foreigners.

“Your Excellency, Transformation Alliance trusts your government will provide leadership sanity and progressive reasoning in taming the Xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals. We further expect our leaders to be transformative enough and begin addressing the real problems haunting African youths instead of using them for selfish political gains,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, TA says it believes President Zuma will seriously handle the Xenophobic attacks issue with all the seriousness and hand the current volatile situation maturely to avoid unwarranted loss of lives and fortune.

“We trust your government is pro-life and will do everything in its powers to safeguard lives of foreign nationals including Malawians. We will keep a close eye on the event and will not hesitate exploring other avenues to ensure real sanity prevail on the issue,” wrote Kunkuyu.

According to Kunkuyu, TA will maintain and with-stand on its objectives that include the burning passion and zeal to liberate Malawi from aged political systems that are continuing to wreck havoc on the majority of poor people in the country.

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6 years ago

The problems is we have to many foreigners (expatriate) in position that can be filled by locals, these is effecting the us, we are unable to get a job even as a simple clerk because these positions are filled by foreigners (expatriates)who are also paid a heavy package, when the same post if a local is by chance offered unfortunately for peanuts . Our government has no welfare for its own people but for those who are stealing all our treasure and money back to their home country. Our laws are to weak and corruption is too high.

yamikani jossam
yamikani jossam
6 years ago

That is a good talk

6 years ago

mavuto Ali ndi boma lathu kumalawiko atsogoleri dyera akufuna kuzilemelesa okha m’malo moti kangachepe komwe kalipoko tagawani dziko lathulo silosauka koma akulisaukisa ndi atsogoleri,kodi ndi boma la ndani lomwe lizakonze zimenezi ife kuno Ku RSA tikuvutikadi koma tikuopa kubwera tizitani mabanja athu tiwadyesa chani tithandizeni,ndithokoze boma poyambisa Community colleges koma ntchito ziliko?ndikhulupilira mukonza atsogoleri athu

Mndambala boy
Mndambala boy
6 years ago

Mwalemba zonveka koma ysopano tisaiwale kuti anthu timathawa mbava za Boma kuti tikapezeko loboola, apa bwana mulankhule maka kwathu kuno kuti anthu asamapite kwa eni, ndipo manyazi yandigwira kuti mukufuna Dziko la eni aziyendetsa kolingana ndi mmene inu muluganizira, kodi mbava ngati tilinazo mwathu muno zikumaba kuphatikizapo Pulezidenti South Africans mukuganiza kuti sakuona? O!!tikonze kuno kwathu mpamene tipeleke chikoka choti we can go kwa eni ndikukapanga behave, osati Boma mbava, ndiye muganiza kwa eni atilandila bwino? Ndipotu sitinati, akuotchatu usiku ulionse tinena pano kaya zitani? Tichotse mbava pa ulamuliro muona anthu akubwerako kidzakhala kumudzi mkumadzadya gaga bwino bwino.

6 years ago

Xenophobia very bad

6 years ago

This is good Nkikuyu! Let me be your party chairman here in your home land Dedza. I think you think positively not like Dudu chicken

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