Uladi changes political ‘goal posts’ again: DPP expects Kabwila to join

Former acting Peoples Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa has officially returned to his former party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and was on Monday afternoon introduced to party members by President Peter Mutharika at a ground breaking ceremony for a Chinese funded cotton factory.

Mutharika welcome back Uladi in DPPP

DPP members with Uladi Mussa from PP who have joined him in ruling party at the the rally at Salima LEA School ground

Uladi was formally introduced to DPP supporters along with Salima Central MP Friday Jumbe who defected to the DPP after he was expelled by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Mussa, popularly known as ‘Change Goal’ by his supporters, fell out with PP founding leader Joyce Banda, who is in self exile in the US, after Mussa showed interest to take over the Peoples Party from Banda, a decision that left the party divided and wounded.

DPP secretary general Grazider Jefrey said more high profile defections from Salima were expected amid speculation that Salima north west MP Jessie Kabwila might be moving towards the ruling party from the MCP.

Jefrey said Mutharika would return to Salima in a few weeks time to formally welcome Mussa, Jumbe and others at a political rally.

DPP has so far eloped in high profile politicians who include Brown Mpinganjira and Henry Phoya whilst the MCP latest celebrity catch is Sidik Mia who has openly said he is eyeing for the vice presidency of the party, a move that has put him on a collision course with Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya and divided the party.

Mutharika, speaking at the function, said the cotton factory which will be manufacturing all sorts of clothes, beddings and others would bring in US$80 million and create 1, 500 new jobs in the country especially for women and the youth.

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@OMEX70 Can a useless politician win every election in his constituency? If he is not developmental as you want us believe why don’t people including you dump him and choose another one ? It is you Omex70 who has proved to be a useless voter because you vote ”pambali” in every election. Mussa wins in the constituency despite changing parties. This means people do not look at the party he belongs but him as an individual ndi ntchito zamanja ake. Was there no MCP candidate in this constituency in 2014? Why didn’t he win? Mussa has changed parties but he… Read more »
Santana, grow up man. sometimes ndimadzifusa kuti kodi anhtu ngati iweyo, have you ever think za tsogolo la Malawi ndikukhala ndiyanko? Zimenezi umakwanitsa ndikuona kuti Malawi kuti Malawi alipati? ndukaika kwambiri ngati umakhalapo ndinthawi imeneyo. Santana tiyelekeze kuti you are one of the youth who can say Malawi is for all of us, how do you manage kumaika tima comment topanda tsogolo koma kuombela manja mbava zachabe chabe zomwe zaononga Dziko lathu? Do you remember the issue of ma Passport? have ever traveled and go out side Malawi?How do you value you Passport if i may ask? Do you know… Read more »
Uladi Mussa is one of the useless politicians in the country. Some people like Santana think that Uladi’s defection to DPP is newsworthy. I am telling it is not. Who doesn’t that Uladi is unprincipled politician who is always align his pocket with ruling party for personal gains? I spent 6 years in his constituency and I can tell you that Uladi is not developmental conscious. There is no any tangible development at Chipoka, Lifidzi, Mchoka, Mphunga, Khwidzi, Ngozi. These are traiding centres in his constituency. He wins the elections among other things simply because most of people in this… Read more »
kaka ni dada

Mkuluyu pa Zodiak tiuzeni zowona program ya 2013 pali Pilirani Phiri adalumbila kuti sadzasintha chipani, lero ndi uyo ndi dyera lake, nawonso a Muthalika mkhutu mwagontha angolandila mbava, political prostitutes ali phèeeeee, ati zikuyenda, pitani nonse mudetselere DPP kuti isakadzikiletu . Musachedwe kuitana a Kaliwo, Kabwila, ndi Msowoya muzitakata ndi misonkho yathu, nthawi yathu yoti muzindikile kuti a Malawi tatopa ikwana.


This aint news. This man has been changing political parties like nobody’s business. This is why ku MCP sitinamunyengelere though ankasendera pafupi kufunafuna mpando. He has been winning kwao ku Salima koma this time ndakaika ngati anthu a ku Salima angadzamusankhenso. They had been with a unprincipled representative for a long time, a thing that is not healthy in today’s politics.

moyo kuwawa

Santana choti udziwe choti A Malawi Adachenjela Pano, Achina Uladi Mussa Kulowa DPP ndi oti akuthawa mlandu Ali Nawo opanga issue ma passport plus citizenship mwa illegal kwama Burundi koma popeza mlandu suwola nyengo Isitha 2019

Malawi wanthu

I second with Dzukani Malawi hence the youth will play a pivotal in 2019. It’s time for Malawi to eradicate filthy politicians with chameleon syndrome who are lacking vision. Uladi has always been a valueless politician with a loud mouth & he really belongs in DPP which mirrors his qualities.

Listen and Love

Thank you Mr. President for the Chinese funded cotton factory which will create 1500 jobs. Let the Chinese pay their workers descent wages and good working conditions according to labour laws of Malawi. By the way Sir, unemployment is still high on the land, how many jobs has your government created since you took office?
And your government must not discontinue Uladi cases because he is your son now. Remember, you said you will not shield anyone. Keep your word and Uladi must be prosecuted to the end. Let justice prevail, don’t suffocate it to show you are a true statesman!


I totally agree with DzukaniAmalawi. His line of thoughts perfectly resonate with mine.

Salima is in central region. Uladi Mussa has been winning this seat with any party he stands for. Has he ever won it through MCP? Whether one likes it or not the MCP is being bruised. The most painful thing is that the votes are being reduced from the party which is having sleepless nights to take power in 2019. MCP should accept the reality that DPP is a political force and by the end of this year MCP will see the truth and it will eventually stop cheating its supporters that it will win the 2019 elections. All these… Read more »

My friend, with the hard headedness of MCP you think they an see a point here? They just support this party of Death and Darkness irregardless of its numerous blunders. Worse still, they dream of creating miracles just coz somebody whom they think has money is there. They forget that the same Mia failed JB despite his money.


MCP is intact papa take or not we already made our minds to vote for Chakwera and Mia.

Mcp indeed open the door that is absolutily true but I want to remind u that there is a reason why was open, is to let every one who feel is not ready to save public intrest go, and make sure only allow only people who has a heart to make country the place to leve for all Malawians regudless political grounds not people like Ulad Mussa no no no. Anyway I want to remind u that Uladi was not MCP member therefore nothing to talk about MCP is decent party they can not accept everything no ( ndi Uladi… Read more »

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