Wa Jeffrey puts  a political spin on regionalism : ‘Only a DPP member from North can be President of Malawi’

The Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) secretary general Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey has put a political spin to her careless remarks that that the north like the center will never rule the country, saying the regions can produce a President only if is a member of DPP.

Wa Jeffrey: a Malawian from the Northern Region of Malawi can never become President of Malawi unless he is DPP member

Speaking  on Saturday told a mass rally at Mbwatalika in the area of Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe, Wa Jeffrey refused to dissociate herself with the remarks she made last week that  that a Malawian from the Northern Region of Malawi can never become President of Malawi.

But she had to put a political spin in what critics say  she was airing out her party’s political quota policy and truth.

“North and Centre can produce a president but he or she will be from our party DPP,” said Wa Jeffrey.

Commentators argue that former president Bakili Muluzi said the same to justify why he had bypassed all his senior colleagues in the United Democratic Front (UDF) on his succession and settled for Bingu wa Mutharika as presidential candidate.

Now UDF is in political union with DPP. According to UDF-DPP unwritten policy only the Southern Region can and should produce a Malawi president.

And newspaper columnist Lezi Zeleza Manda had a satire on the matter.

“Northerners should actually blame themselves for undermining themselves politically and being overzealous. It was Ziliro Chibambo, a senior northern politician, who first declared that the North would never produce a president until Jesus, the Christ came back. Northerners did not cry foul then. Then, it was King M’mbelwa who declared Mutharika (ka)Ngwazi but the Northerners never condemned him.  Some people say that it was also northerners that declared Kamuzu Banda life president of the Malawi Congress Party,” he wrote in Weekend Nation.

He pointed out that the DPP secretary general was  just repeating her party’s policy, that’s why she did not get censured by her party.


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Mudzamva liti

Mayi ndi ozelezeka uyu

Northern Economist

“North and Centre can produce a president but he or she will be from our party DPP,” This is nonsensical. Why then did they say that the North cannot produce presidents? And for her information, DPP leadership will always come from the lomwe belt and from the mutharika clan.


I pray that she should have long life so that she should witness what God is planing
for Malawi. J wa J thinks that she is in control and her strategies are perfect. Time
will tell and she will then understand that God is in control. North Malawi is Judah,
Central is Joseph south is Levi. Malawi is on its way to the promise land and the
Levites are in control.


Mr. President, get rid of this woman, Jeffrey was Jeffrey. She will destroy the party.


Chamba choyamwira ndi azimai omwe stupid Jeffrey,kamwana piye kali nunkhununkhu kununkha.

mikondo salijeni

who is this b****

Bozwell Makaranga
No wonder Malawi is at the bottom of the heap. You can not expect to perform well when you field second rate players selected purely because they come from the same tribe as the coach. Unless this nation utilises all its manifestly available human capability by zealously seeking quality staff in its civil service ranks and other walks of national life the country will remain a laughing stock. Nowadays appointments, especially in the public service, are made to entrench Lhomwelisation. Believe you me the country will continue to be on a downward spiral of poor performance because of inept people… Read more »
njoya man

People from the South always insist that the majority rules therefore if the uneducated population in the South is greater than the educated it goes without saying, using the majority principle, that Southerners are uneducated lot. Any argument?

The issue is not that the “North cannot produce a president”. The issue is that what Jeffrey said was not appropriate even if it is true. Uku ndikunyoza onse a kuMpoto and a Pakati kumene iyeyo Jeffrey comes from. Has Nkhota-kota suddenly relocated to South? Why was she chosen as SG if the ideology is that all senior positions will be domiciled in the South. Sometimes the arguments which we Malawians are bent on arguing about are, to say the least, retrogressive. Even if your mother is stupid do you go out in the dancing arena to tell everybody that… Read more »
first let me say this wth or without candidate from Dpp central & north can produce president onlt that politicians from these regions they all stupid .MCP & PP atapanga mgwirizano do think sangawine? vuto dyera aliyense akufuna mpando .my request to chakwera he shuld think of callion wth pp and aford believe me DPP ndiekut yapita sitizaionanso kma vuto ena from center and north akudyelera ku dpp ndie sangalore kut achokeko ndkupanga umodzi ndi ena kut agwetse this stupig pple of dpp.ndine okwiya kwambiri kut tikupangabe ndale zosankhana zigawo.during compaign why samanena zimenezi kuti dpp itha kuwina without pple… Read more »

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