Wa Jeffrey puts  a political spin on regionalism : ‘Only a DPP member from North can be President of Malawi’

The Democratic Progressive Party(DPP) secretary general Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey has put a political spin to her careless remarks that that the north like the center will never rule the country, saying the regions can produce a President only if is a member of DPP.

Wa Jeffrey: a Malawian from the Northern Region of Malawi can never become President of Malawi unless he is DPP member

Speaking  on Saturday told a mass rally at Mbwatalika in the area of Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe, Wa Jeffrey refused to dissociate herself with the remarks she made last week that  that a Malawian from the Northern Region of Malawi can never become President of Malawi.

But she had to put a political spin in what critics say  she was airing out her party’s political quota policy and truth.

“North and Centre can produce a president but he or she will be from our party DPP,” said Wa Jeffrey.

Commentators argue that former president Bakili Muluzi said the same to justify why he had bypassed all his senior colleagues in the United Democratic Front (UDF) on his succession and settled for Bingu wa Mutharika as presidential candidate.

Now UDF is in political union with DPP. According to UDF-DPP unwritten policy only the Southern Region can and should produce a Malawi president.

And newspaper columnist Lezi Zeleza Manda had a satire on the matter.

“Northerners should actually blame themselves for undermining themselves politically and being overzealous. It was Ziliro Chibambo, a senior northern politician, who first declared that the North would never produce a president until Jesus, the Christ came back. Northerners did not cry foul then. Then, it was King M’mbelwa who declared Mutharika (ka)Ngwazi but the Northerners never condemned him.  Some people say that it was also northerners that declared Kamuzu Banda life president of the Malawi Congress Party,” he wrote in Weekend Nation.

He pointed out that the DPP secretary general was  just repeating her party’s policy, that’s why she did not get censured by her party.


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25 thoughts on “Wa Jeffrey puts  a political spin on regionalism : ‘Only a DPP member from North can be President of Malawi’”

  1. Mudzamva liti says:

    Mayi ndi ozelezeka uyu

  2. “North and Centre can produce a president but he or she will be from our party DPP,” This is nonsensical. Why then did they say that the North cannot produce presidents? And for her information, DPP leadership will always come from the lomwe belt and from the mutharika clan.

  3. Spectator says:

    I pray that she should have long life so that she should witness what God is planing
    for Malawi. J wa J thinks that she is in control and her strategies are perfect. Time
    will tell and she will then understand that God is in control. North Malawi is Judah,
    Central is Joseph south is Levi. Malawi is on its way to the promise land and the
    Levites are in control.

  4. peter says:

    Mr. President, get rid of this woman, Jeffrey was Jeffrey. She will destroy the party.

  5. pixy says:

    Chamba choyamwira ndi azimai omwe stupid Jeffrey,kamwana piye kali nunkhununkhu kununkha.

  6. mikondo salijeni says:

    who is this b****

  7. Bozwell Makaranga says:

    No wonder Malawi is at the bottom of the heap. You can not expect to perform well when you field second rate players selected purely because they come from the same tribe as the coach. Unless this nation utilises all its manifestly available human capability by zealously seeking quality staff in its civil service ranks and other walks of national life the country will remain a laughing stock. Nowadays appointments, especially in the public service, are made to entrench Lhomwelisation. Believe you me the country will continue to be on a downward spiral of poor performance because of inept people steering its course. Stay away from quota system and rampant tribalism that this current President is entrenching. It is a doomed nation I see ahead!

  8. njoya man says:

    People from the South always insist that the majority rules therefore if the uneducated population in the South is greater than the educated it goes without saying, using the majority principle, that Southerners are uneducated lot. Any argument?

  9. mangochi says:

    The issue is not that the “North cannot produce a president”. The issue is that what Jeffrey said was not appropriate even if it is true. Uku ndikunyoza onse a kuMpoto and a Pakati kumene iyeyo Jeffrey comes from. Has Nkhota-kota suddenly relocated to South? Why was she chosen as SG if the ideology is that all senior positions will be domiciled in the South. Sometimes the arguments which we Malawians are bent on arguing about are, to say the least, retrogressive. Even if your mother is stupid do you go out in the dancing arena to tell everybody that she is? What Jeff wa What said is simply very unpalatable whichever region you come from. Unfortunately these other regions are democratic and vote according to what they believe can take Malawi further.

  10. gadaffi says:

    first let me say this wth or without candidate from Dpp central & north can produce president onlt that politicians from these regions they all stupid .MCP & PP atapanga mgwirizano do think sangawine? vuto dyera aliyense akufuna mpando .my request to chakwera he shuld think of callion wth pp and aford believe me DPP ndiekut yapita sitizaionanso kma vuto ena from center and north akudyelera ku dpp ndie sangalore kut achokeko ndkupanga umodzi ndi ena kut agwetse this stupig pple of dpp.ndine okwiya kwambiri kut tikupangabe ndale zosankhana zigawo.during compaign why samanena zimenezi kuti dpp itha kuwina without pple from two regions,i strongly blame those politicians from the north bcoz they dnt have confidence that they can be the leaders kma azingowombera manja ena.stupid malawian politics.jeff mbava unadya ndalama za xool kma osamanga atakupatsa ndalama lero kumanyoza kma i would like to warn u one day i will deal wth u personnally i dnt eat politics money like u ndie uzitinyoza just bcos we r copming from the center or north mind u am tired wth u jeff.

  11. bangwe says:

    She is saying the truth mukamufunse Chihana anawuphonya u president wotengatenga chifukwa chozigomela, pamene Bakili anangotola boma chifukwa chaunantindi waku mmwera

  12. Central says:

    Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey hatred can never be justified, irrespective of whatever grievance DPP may hold. It may not be easy to accept that Mwenefumbo is gone forever, but it should be DPP’s responsibility to keep this corrosive emotion in check and out of public affairs. Some of us thought that your coming as new DPP SG meant that DPP would now always endeavour to be different from those who adhered to ideologies of hatred! You are another “mbuzi ya mano kunsi!!”

  13. chabwera phiri says:

    I never stop to get surprised with how we are very fine with unacceptable things. Malawians put up with below average stuff with so much grace. so this woman gets away with such unpalatable remarks again?Koma anthu aku Malawi ife, eeeee!

  14. wowina says:


  15. nkhulande says:

    It is you commentators who are making mountains out of mole hills. Kenkk in your angry comments, out of your lack of diplomacy like JWaJ you call southerners thugs and uneducated. Choncho siwukuwakanda pabala? Do you really feel all southerners are uneducated? if you were grown up in the run-up to the referendum, give count of the composition of AFORD party executive. The uneducated south rallied behind Chakufwa Chihana he lost the plot after his release from prison when the likes of DrChilumpha and company were chased from a meeting convened at Phwezi. Thus the heavyweights of the centre and south formed UDF because of AFORDs regionalism. it was an open secret that many educated northern were excitedly loudly saying now its our time to rule before they crossed the bridge (elections) All the unsavory statements alluded to in the above article have their genesis from the failure to nib regionalism in the bud by the more nationally and charismatic Chihana and his camp. The current crop of the Harry s and kamlepos cannot be equated to the calibre of Chihana, if only he were not misled by fellow northerners!

  16. Ngalamayi says:

    Until all Malawians think nationally and not regionally or along tribal lines, Malawi will remain at the bottom of the list of developing nations. It’s the quality of the person that matters, not their origins.

  17. tchingo says:

    my simple question: are not all political parties in Malawi regionalistic and tribalistic? just look at their internal structures and pipo who hold positions therein. the only difference is that some pipo are preaching it at political rallies; like Jeffrey wa Jeffrey. And many more before her did the same.

    i don’t trust any politician nor any political party, they all stink of nepotism, except that some are on the ruling side while others on the opposition side. just look at DPP and MCP structures you will understand what i am talking about…each for each region. the rest are sympathizers of either party. Pathetic.

  18. ya_smooth_operator says:

    @Yosefe seriously Mathews Chikaonda? the man failed to run press how do you trust such with the countries purse?

  19. Ebuka says:

    Who, akupitilizabe kunyoza?

  20. Ambulaje Ambuje says:

    Election is a game of numbers now Jeff wa Jeff is write without a DPP candidate in the other regions, forget about plot No.1 its a fact. You can not win with a minority into the top position unless using the gun else Plot No. 1 will remain for the Southerners unless another party forms an alliance with DPP and gets a Presidential candidate, there yes otherwise forget. But with the way you sideline others in key positions, forget of being appointed/elected because the moment you are up there you will appoint Northerners in all key positions. We have noted this in the Ministry of Finance, UNC Project, Kamuzu Central Hospital just to mention a few Institutions that are headed by Northerners.

  21. Munthu says:

    The problem with Malawian we keep voting for these recycled politicians achina Jeff wa Jeff Jeff,Uladi Mussa etc. Jeff wa Jeff were the first cashgate culprits during Muluzi era. They have served their sentence and they are crawling back to politics and they will try to steal again, why are we trusting these dumb politicians? Why dont we try a new breed of politicians? Are these the smartest people in our country? I believe we can do way much better than this ehh. Lets wake up Malawians lets dream big, look at the bigger picture and have sound vision. Some of these politicians have been in politics for decades and ask them what good have they brought to Malawi zero the just a wate of space for real smart people, let thm retire azakalima kumudzi or they should find something they are really good at rather than being a srry excuse of a lame politician.

  22. Kenkkk says:

    She just makes the matter worse because as we all know Dpp can never elect a northerner to be their leader nor a person from centre. They still believe in tribalism or regionalism that only the south because of their numbers should produce a president for Malawi. Their type of democracy is still very primitive despite having many educated people in their ranks. Is this the way you unite the country you dpp thugs?

    Dpp should condemn any form of tribalism and should also educate their mainly uneducated voters in the south that any Malawian can be president and that they shouldn’t vote based on regionalism but rather on the integrity and policies of the party or person.

    Just look at all those so called northerners that were proclaiming that the region can never produce a president or making kamuzu life president or making bingu ngwazi, they were all primitive selfish people. They should all have been condemned ages ago but who would have dared in those days to do that within Malawi? These mistakes do not make the proclamations right and dpp should not perpetuate such mistakes that compound the problems of regionalism, tribalism and division of the country.

    Dpp should come clean and condem it. We would believe you if saulosi becomes the next leader of dpp should Peter quit or fail in the 2018 elections. Only very staunch tribalists can believe what this mad dpp woman says. Just apologise you wa Jeffrey, you will never be right on this one. Losing face is sometimes a sign of courage and humbleness, not a weakness.

    My comments also applies to my beloved mcp, tribalism should be routed out and condemned.

  23. mtete says:

    Nchenzi anamva mau oyamba! Was J’s new statement does not fool us. I bet the powers be were furious and instructed her to rephrase

  24. yosefe mateyu says:

    I doubt if being a member of DPP would qualify one from the north or center of being president…how didn’t the party not give chance to Chimunthu Banda or even Goodall Gondwe and Jean Kalilani. Same applies to how UDF sidelined Malewezi, Aleke, Mpasu and Chilumpha. What the DPP SG is saying is not news. However, parties unwritten policies might contribute to underdevelopment of Malawi especially when capable minds of Thandeka Mkandawire, Matthews Chikaonda have no chance of being presidents in Malawi because of places of origin…

    1. victoria says:

      mwangodana nao atumbuka….umweo mukuwanyoza lero muzafuna thawi yikakwana kuti akuvoteleni….this is being childish get alife we are all one kaya achewa kaya atumbuka more over they are not complaining kapena mukupanga matha

Comments are closed.

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