Why are Casinos becoming popular in Malawi?

A landlocked country in southeast Africa is also known as Nyasaland. According to one survey, there are over 6.1 million mobile subscriptions which mean 1.67 million users are connected to the internet. These numbers have influenced the online casino world a lot lately.

One can consider these casinos as one of the major reasons why tourism is increasing in the land.

Perspective about Casinos in the Past

Taking a look at the opening of a casino back in 2016, one of the Malawian officials also proposed a gaming establishment that would help boost the country’s economy big time. At the official opening of Casino Marina in the capital, Elsi Tembo, the director of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism are of the view that Malawians must adapt to the changes and their attitude towards gambling and casinos.

The casino industry could be the boost that Malawi needs to it’s tourism industry

It’s fast becoming the contributing factor for the government to collect more tax revenues.

“There is a need for people to look in a new direction, change their negative attitude about casinos. People must remember that everything that the government does can have negative effects” says Tembo.

She was of the point of view that it’s time to embrace responsible gambling that offers a new vulture paradigm for the locals. But also, the players must develop the right perspective – winning or losing at the table is just part of the game, to accept it and to go home.

Current situation

Fast forward the track now and you will see the government trying to expand the tourist industry more so than ever to fight the falling real incomes and high inflation rates. If gambling is the surviving chance they can amend it to the core benefit.

Most Featured Concern

Casinos in Malawi feature not only slot machines, poker games, and gambling tables but all of these venues are surrounded by restaurants and bars which helps contribute to the popularity of the tourists and even locals.

Also, keeping the rising trends in focus, the Gaming Act in 1996 was introduced to control the gaming industry of the country. Licenses are issued to legalize the gaming premises as well. So the reason behind the popularity also lies within the strict rules and regulations imposed in the casino world.

Also, as it turns out, casino establishments are yet the top reasons behind the increase in tourism traffic besides the gaming board being highly driven to promote tourism.

Every industry given the right chance can nurture the economy but since there are hurdles in the way, future actions taken by the government can affect the fame of the gaming world. For now, the government is focused on the immediate and long-term objectives to meet the new policy goals and define the regulatory framework within the legalities.

Online casinos may rule out the focal point of concern, but for now, gambling is legal in Malawi and so is sports betting. Since the gaming industry is the fastest growing business in the country, it can lead to much success in the future.

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