Jumbe relocates from Salima Central constituency to Salima North of Yona

Member of Parliament  (MP) for Salima Central, Felix Jumbe has confirmed that he has relocated  and wants to contest the 2019 tripartite elections in Salima North Constituency.

MP Felix Jumbe

Speaking in an interview, Jumbe, who until he was fired from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been an MCP Parliamentarian, said that his sympathizers has influenced him to change constituencies.

“It is true that I have been asked to represent people of Salima north, but I have not yet responded to the call,” said Jumbe.

Jumbe explained that people of Salima North felt that he was ill-treated while in the MCP.

“My mother comes from Salima north and when I was ill-treated in the MCP, it did not please people from this area who looks at me as their son, so they have invited me to stand there and have promised to give me support even if I stand as independent or on any other parties’ tickets including Democratic Progressive Party,” said Jumbe.

‘Although Salima North is considered a strong hold of MCP, my sympathizers have promised to give me votes in whatever capacity if I stand in the election,” he said.

If he accepts the call he will face it off with his former colleague at MCP and the current and long serving member for Salima North, Kamphatengo Yona.

Meanwhile, some people have described the move as a ploy by Jumbe to give way to the current Minister of Justice, Samuel Tembenu SC, who is likely to contest the Salima Central parliamentary seat on DPP ticket for the second time.

Ironically, Jumbe floored Tembenu in the 2014 tripirtite elections with a small margin.

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Kikkiikikikiki. Koma ndaseka. A Jumbe. The end of your political career has come. A guy who thinks he knows everything is a fool. Fellix is such a person. At college as Poly, the guy couldnt even agree with his roommate. He has a fourth wife now. All these people are wrong and one Feĺlix Jumbe is right. The great grandson of Jumbe the slave trader.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Makhuruku nthawi yawathera. Angodumphadumpha..


Ndigwilizane ndi nonsenu mwalemba mwepa, kuti Kuthokoza kwanu a Jumbe kwayemda chonchi. Ap mwakhala ngati grass hooper yemwe anauluka nkukadzibaya yekha kuminga. Simmadziwa kuti mmapikisana ndi mzanu mzanuyo anamyenga nkukhala nduna komwe inuyo munalowa adzafunanso uphungu womwewooooo

kaka ni dada

Both Jumbe & Tembenu can’t win a seat in Salima, DPP is already dead in this district.


Welcome Hon. Jumbe to Salima North, but a simple question is what has changed in you? Remember Salima is one district and relocating from one constituency to another will not bear any fruit. Anthu angokudyerani zinthu zinu. Next you will relocate to Dedza.


Show me an honest politician and I will show you a prostitute who is still a virgin


Maloto a chumba, power hungry and selfish, zako izo dyerani zomaliza zotibera misonkho zathuzo, uone mmene DPP idzakutayire, they just want to use you. You won becoz of MCP name and your replacement will triumph again in 2019 under the same MCP. You are politically finished. You have gone faster tahn you came, kufulumiza kumeza usanatafune.




When you evaluate urself & find out that u have failed in ur current constituency…… u migrate… Tiyeni nazoni tiziona chaka cha mawa

@ Nachisale

Jumbe is simply a scum. He is finished politically. Kenako ukaima ku likoma lying thru your teeth that you originally came from likoma. Pathetic this man is . Zako izo uyisova

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