Justice Minister Tembenu challenged over Malawi corruption report

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu has been challenged over his criticism to the European Union (EU) and Britain for demanding government to finalise and circulate a report on corruption to enable stakeholders to take action.

Tembenu:   Where is the report?

In April last year, the Malawi Government held a high-profile conference on corruption where stakeholders discuss how to combat corruption in the country, among other issues.

European Union Ambassador Marchel Germann is on record saying the development partners were still waiting for the official report of the Conference.

But  Tembenu said on  the second day of the conference all delegates were given the  recommendations and that a report would not change anything.

Tembenu’s comment prompted governance activist Mankhumbo Munthali – as one of the delegates who participated in both the conference and the preceding stakeholder consultations under the burner of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) –that the Justice Minister is not being honest by saying that he already presented the demanded report during the conference.

“ What donors and Civil Society are demanding is a report -as committed by government- that amongst other issues clearly document the roadmap on how government would address the issues raised during the conference and the preceding consultations it had conducted,” Munthali told Nyasa Times.

He said what Tembenu is claiming to have been circulated to the delegates is a mere compilation of findings that came out from the consultations which government had conducted prior to the conference.

“However, government committed more than just a mere sharing of the findings. It promised to come back to the stakeholders and all Malawians with a detailed report which would amongst other things contain a roadmap on how government would ensure that the issues raised during both the conference and consultations are addresed.

“Otherwise, it is a waste of donor and tax payers money to just end at presenting findings without showing the way forward on how government would address the issues raised in the conference,” Munthali added.

Solicitor General Dr. Janet Chikaya  Banda is on record to have  assured the delegates that all the resolutions would be sent to Cabinet verbatim for review before a report for the conference and the roadmap could be shared with stakeholders and the public.

Tembenu echoed Banda’s sentiments by stressing that the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs would be examining the recommendations and advise the cabinet accordingly. He however said that for those [recommendations] that were implementable immediately, the government would proceed to do so.

Sadly,  almost a year down the line the report detailing the action plan put in place to address the agreed resolutions as promised by both the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Secretary of Justice has not been shared with the general public.

No wonder the donors have risen up to simply remind government on its earlier commitments to release this report. Certainly, patronage and clientelism would perceive EU’s stance as interference in domestic affairs.

The governance activist Munthali said it is important to stress that donors just like all stakeholders are also concerned about the worsening state of corruption in the country, and this is the reason why they support both government and civil society interventions that are aimed at ridding the nation of this malpractice. Besides, the donors have all right to demand a report from government on a conference which they financially supported.

According to the Solicitor General as quoted in the Nation On Sunday of April 30, 2017, the “conference cost donors such as European Union (EU), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Oxfam and government some MK 20 million”.

Consequently, the continued failure to share the detailed report and action plan seems to give weight to the assertion that the conference was one of those window-dressing activities aimed at appeasing the general public and the development partners that something was being done to address the worsening corruption in the country.

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kwathu kwanu zose zimayenda kusaina ndi pakamwa. mbava ma shithole asses

Listen and Love

Prince of thieves and his crooked government are greatest beneficiaries of corruption in Malawi. They will shamelessly apply any and all treacherous and trickery means to shield corrupt practices because their political grouping was founded on corruption as they usurped power from the yellow party. Malawi must stop dancing with snakes. Enough is enough. Prince of thieves and his rotten government MUST FALL. MALAWI DESERVES BETTER.

kaka ni dada

Bubu sadzatheka, katangale sadzatha DPP ikapitiliza kulamula, tigwirane manja tiyike Chakwera m’boma.


This Tembenu guy needs soul searching. Looks obsessed with power worship. What flies lands one day. Big shame

bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe
bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe

We need this report badly if you would like the donor community to continue helping Malawi.


so it means thers no korraption in thi country. all and everything is clean ah???????????????? ce tembenu kunena kwa ndithe ndithe. this is what happens when mmangologedza anthu osadziwa comwe azizacita akakhala pa mpando.EU, UN sakuidziwa awa. kucititsa manyazi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basi tose kumangooneka ngati a zolo. kuzolowera kuzembaitsa. azanuwa kaya zao zimakhala mmapepala sangobwera kuncito atapisila mmatumba popanda ndondomeko. i remember ma PS ena aja kukanika kutulutsa repot ya za sadiki- ndalama inapereka ambuye yesu. basi ma cheke kumangolowerea zosasaina kumangosaina ndi pakamwa kenako dzidzidzi.
ce tembenu tyeni nazo


Why is it that bright guys become puppets when they join politics? Eish

What else do you expect from Tembenu! I sincerely and strongly agree with governance activist Munthali that Tembenu is indeed very good at window-dressing and his target is always to shield evil doers by giving appeasements to the general public and the development partners that something is being done to address the worsening corruption in the country. Munamuona mmene analongolera za MSB and Admarc? Pano bwanji!! Zikamapita kothina iye ndi Goodall zimangokhala ndwiiiiiiiiiiii mu parliament………………………..!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mutayilanji nthawi kumalimbikila kukanikizila baloon mu mgolo wa madzi kuti limile!! Mukatopa kugwirila the baloon will come on top of water!! Nobody under the… Read more »

these are thieves what else can they do apart from hiding the report.


Some ministers in DPP govt are there just to enjoy, get rich from our taxes because they come from the same area with the big man. The rudeness tembenu is showing to EU cannot help us as a country. ……you wonder as to why is tembenu in the cabinet if he can’t produce the detailed report

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