Police should arrest Bon Kalindo’s attackers: UTM accuses DPP cadets for acting like ‘rabid dogs’

UTM Party has demanded the arrest of attackers of its Youth Director Bon Kalindo who was allegedly beaten up  by suspected governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Cadets on Wednesday morning.

UTM’s Bon Kalindo who was allegedly assaulted

Kalindo, who is on bail and facing charges that he insulted President Pater Mutharika at Balaka Police Station, said he was attacked in Mulanje by suspected regime thugs.

The DPP spokesman Nicholous Dausi has however said “the allegations smacks of drama antics.”

But UTM secretary general Patricia Kaliati said the attack on Kalindo is very unfortunate.

Kaliati called for police action on the attackers.

“Police should arrest Bon Kalindo’s attackers with the same zeal with which they arrested him for no apparent reason,” she said.

Kaliati said the DPP cadets are now acting like “rabid dogs” and have taken the law into their hands.

She bemoaned that this kind of situation sets a wrong precedent heading towards campaign period for the May 21 tripartite elections and could be a recipe for violence.

“Our police should act professionally. They should execute their duties objectively without bias. They should not be used by the DPP party simply because it is in power. They should know that another party can win this election and be in power. Things can change any moment,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has also called on police to investigate the matter and track down the perpetrators.

The civil society organisations (CSOs) say it is unfortunate that the DPP cadets get the guts and audacity to attack innocent people anyhow.

“They are free to attack people because the police are complicit and biased.

It is now clear that police impartiality is encouraging DPP cadets to commit more violence. Previously Jomo Osman a known DPP cadet from Bangwe attacked and humiliated an MCP sympathiser, the police did nothing.

“Recently, we saw a video clip of DPP cadets clad in blue regalia causing havoc at Kawale Police Station. They not only insulted police officers but threatened to beat them up, but nothing happened. Police did not arrest them.”

Added the rights defenders: “Before that, DPP cadets roughed up Honourable Patricia Kaliati at Parliament when UTM presidential candidate Saulos Chilima announced he was quitting DPP. This happened in full view of police officers at Parliament but nothing happened. No one was arrested nor disciplined.

“On the other hand, when an incident involves members in the opposition parties like UTM and MCP, Police are swift to take action. And in most cases, the action taken against opposition members is heavy handed and disproportionate. “

The CSOs observe that DPP members get preferential treatment at the expense of the rest of Malawians.

They calls for the law to  apply to everyone equally regardless of their political affiliation.

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3 years ago

So police have confirmed he was beaten, i guess they are lying as well. There is nothing more brainless than a DPP cadet ndithu.

3 years ago

ZOONA MALAWI AT 52222222222222222222222222222222222222

Pitala and Zamiya K145 million

Malawi is a country of shitholes. Imagine people are putting dpp flag or something with Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba face on view mirrors just to intimidate traffic police. Our police are too afraid of politicians and they fear being transferred to Chitipa. We have a very weak if not stupid leader. The president must tell the police to act professionally. This is segregation. We all pay tax and no one is above the law. The police must treat all offenders equally. It is my hope Chakwera and Mia will not allow this. I hope MCP followers will not butcher fellow Malawians… Read more »

3 years ago

Winiko udzakula iwe? Ukudziwa kuti ukupalamula mlandu winanso wonamiza a Police koma?

3 years ago

It says a lot about us, Malawians, that we can have this petty pitiful actor, as a member of parliament.

Mbwiyache Kalindo, grow up, and stop acting like a child. You will bring disrepute to your party.

3 years ago

Eeeeee Malawian what do we expect when we have people like Nicolous Dausi, Charles Mtchacha, Jose inspector g police in ministry security and home land?

Winiko the ex pridoner

This is total drama. Some Malawians are do stupid to believe this. They gave forgotten the drama staged by Kamlepo Kaluwa when he claimed that he was kidnapped.
Magazi a gwape awa ma Savage inu. Mitu ya Ambwiyanu. By may we shall enjoy drama even from Nchilima. One drama that foiled. Was about his plane that the tire bursted.
Mbuli za anthu. Munya muona

Malemu Daniel Phiri Wa Muthali.
Malemu Daniel Phiri Wa Muthali.
3 years ago

Join the discussion…fuck you

3 years ago

Wina ali pafupi nayeyo ndi his twin brother koma akuseka ndi mzake! is this real Winiko zibwana uyu.

3 years ago

KUngozipaka tomato sosi wati basi andimenya, wamanga mmutucho olo donto la magazi, wabodza iwe. Timaganizatu ife.

3 years ago

why wonder DPP is led by the same gurus that led OLD MCP they could not suit in new civilised MCP so they have to go some where to do their dirty work so the only place was there in DPP that is why all these things are happening there so please guys just pray for them

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