US, UK agree with Chakwera on need to have free and fair by-elections

The United States and British Governments have agreed with Malawi’s leader of oppositive and MCP President Lazarus Chakwera on the need to have a free and fair elections in the forthcoming by-elections and that all the parties should leave the candidates to contest freely.

US. Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer: Co-signed the statement 

The US and UK sentiments comes following a letter which Chakwera wrote to the country’s donors seeking their intervention following the alleged death threats from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on the MCP candidate for Nsanje Lalanje, Lawrence Sitolo.

The two donor countries expressed their concerns in a brief joint statement signed by Malawi’s U.S. Ambassador Virginia Palmer and UK High Commissioner Holly Tett.

Reads the statement: “Malawi’s democratic record is a model for Africa and beyond. As Malawi’s development partners, we support Malawi’s preparations for another round of democratic elections (by-elections and general elections in 2019), a core component of which are free and fair campaigns. We urge all parties to respect the rights of their opponents to stand for election and campaign freely.”

Chakwera, in his letter expressed fears that the behavior of the DPP threatens to lead the country into anarchy and civil war.

The letter was sent to the United States Embassy, Germany Embassy, European Union, British High Commission and the United Nations.

Chakwera indicated that the MCP candidate, Sitolo, is living dangerously as he is receiving threats from the ruling party claiming that DPP top brass are persuading Sitolo to receive K100 million and withdraw his MCP membership.

He further said the ruling party wants him to contest as an independent candidate or even withdraw from the race altogether to get a diplomatic posting and K50 million cash with further information indicating that Sitolo has also been promised an MP’s salary and related benefits by the DPP led government if he does not contest.

Chakwera mentioned senior DPP members who contacted Sitolo who include Leston Mulli, Noel Masangwi, DPP regional governor for the South Charles Mchacha and strongman Kondwani Nankhumwa who is also cabinet minister and leader of government business in Parliament.

“Hon. Sitolo has recordings of the phone conversations with these people,” says Chakwera in the letter.

The MCP president asked the diplomatic community to condemn the actions of DPP in the strongest terms saying he is seriously concerned about the threat.

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Awize or whatever you call yourself, are you a blind follower of DPP. You better shut up. Your statement simply shows that you are a blind follower who can not even think when doing things.

Richard Soko

I commend the MCP and Dr Chakwera for exposing the DPP mafia to the international comnunity. That is good

Nganiza Muthulika

Its so shameful that a party which has highly educated leader and mot members are educated acting like stupid . DDP is the most corrupted party/government Malawi had. Its true Malawi is ruled by educated fools Who are thieves. APM is is most corrupted muchona. If he was not he could stop this nonsense. Are Malawians so stupid to continue to be ruled by thieves?




Strong leader with great minds. Aleader with no nonsense we needed him 2014 and we need 2019.


Its too much for these Westerners to intervene in internal affairs of our country. These people are useless in Malawi, and don’t take them seriously. Can Chakwera voice out any issue on US/UK politics about their elections or general citizenry welfare?. Leave Malawi alone, we are poor yes but we don’t need your money. We hate Mayism/ Trumpism concentrate on your countries’ affairs leave us with our poverty.

Mudzamva Liti

Ulibe nzeru iwe Awize. Talk about what your stupid dpp and its leadership is doing. Why intimidate people? Tionana mu 2019.

Independent Diplomat

kkkkkkkkkkkk !! Rev. Chakwera ndiopanda nzerudi. Amutchulamo Chakwera umu. This statement is general !!!


USA and UK has agreed with the letter which Dr L Chakwera wrote them, so Chakwera was right to tell them? i thought he was not…. oh shame!!
USA and UK are always wishing to see us enjoying our Country.

God bless Malawi.

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